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Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)


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  • Trip Report Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

    I decided I would "Celebrate" finishing my unit and spring break '09 at "The Place Where Dreams Come True!" :animwink: Unfortunately for me, so did everyone else on the planet. :lol:

    I had plan on leaving around 7:00 am on Sunday morning, but I woke up at 5:30 and was too excited to sleep, around 6:15 or so I hit the open road heading towards The World. After a quick stop for gas and a 5 hour drive, I was pulling into the famous entrance. I was shocked to see the YOMD decorations still up on the main gate. I figured they would have changed that out and added balloons to the arch.

    Once on property, I made my way to All-Star Sports since that was where I had been booked to stay. Once I got to checkin, I was informed the resort was full! 11:30 am and the resort was full! They offered me a room at Pop which I gladly accepted. Once I arrived at Pop and checked in to room 9148 in the 80's, I headed out to EPCOT!

    I had one mission when I made it EPCOT, get a springtime Figgy to complete my set. It is here that I have to mention something, when I heard about the "Celebrate Today Celebration," I was very vocal about my displeasure with it. I thought it was stupid and a blatant marketing ploy. While I still believe the later is true, I absolutely love the treatment they have given the parks. It works really well and has a nice balance that YOMD didn't. Plus, the color scheme is very vibrant and alive. So, I guess I actually liked it when I saw it in person.

    Anyway, EPCOT, once inside the turnstiles, I made my way to Soarin' b/c they still had FP according to the tip board. I quickly ran and grabbed a FP before heading to Imageworks to buy my Figgy. After that, I couldn't resist Dr. Channing's "Welcome, welcome, welcome!" After a quick journey through the Institute and Figment's house, I wondered around FW taking pictures. I eventually ended up in the single rider line for TT. A quick walk though MouseGear, and I was on SSE. Sadly, nothing new with the decent.

    At this point, I wanted to get a ride in on ToT so, I caught the bus to DHS. It was here that I realized something was wrong....bad wrong. The crowds were ginormous! It was around 2:30, FP was gone for both RNRC and ToT and both had over an hour and a half wait! It was at this point that I saw them....CHEERLEADERS! :fork: Actually, they don't bother me that much, but they definitely had influenced the crowds at DHS. I decided to watch Muppets and make my way out of the park and back to EPCOT to use my Soarin' FP and to make my ADR at the Rose and Crown.

    Before dinner, I enjoyed KP. I had no idea what to expect with the new little cell phone game, but I loved it. It's cool to see a new experience that really is fun. Next, I enjoyed a lovely dinner where I had an excellent view of the space shuttle launch. I was sitting right on the lagoon and the shuttle came up directly behind Mexico. It was great! After I used my Soarin' FP and another spin on SSE, I caught the monorail to MK.

    After the transfer and all that, I made my way up Main Street USA to Tomorrowland. Space Mountain's line was backed up to the metal palm trees without FP being available. I shrugged it off and hit CoP. I enjoyed the 1900's scene and than I got to enjoy the 1920's scene 3 times! The ride had gone 101, they finally evacuated us. I made my way to TTA and than I took in the PhilharMagic (one of my favorite attractions) and HM. By this time it was between 11:30 and 12. MK was going to be open until 2 for EEMH, but I just couldn't make it. It had been along time since 5:30 am, I also had the Key's to the Kingdom Tour early the next morning. I headed out to the bus back to Pop for the night.

    Selected pictures from Day 1:

    Day 2 will be posted later today.

    Peace! :wave:

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    Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

    Where was that Rocketeer photo taken? I've not noticed that before.
    I like The Happiest Millionaire. What's wrong with that?


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      Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

      "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


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        Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

        Wonderful TR so far! Thanks for the pics.


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          Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

          YAY!!!! Oh, you made me even more excited about our upcoming trip! I can't wait to see the rest of your trip!


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            Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

            Nice pictures I miss WDW already ! we love that place and can not wait to go back again!
            I miss dole whips......... can someone mail me one??


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              Day 2

              Originally posted by Angie_Duke View Post
              Where was that Rocketeer photo taken? I've not noticed that before.
              You can find that in the Echo Lake area of DHS at Peevy's Polar Pipeline! Happy hunting!

              Day 2

              I woke up to a very foggy Monday morning. This was the day I had been looking forward to the most because I had booked the Key's to the Kingdom tour for that morning. I arrived at MK before opening. After I fought the crowds of people to get over to the locker rental place, I rented..well a locker. I didn't want to have to worry about my bag while I was doing the tour. After the little opening show finished, I made my way to The Confectionary to get a Wonka Bar (the breakfast of champions). Once I had my Wonka Bar, I took some pictures as I made my way to package pickup for the tour.

              I am not going to talk a lot about the tour, because I don't want to ruin it for people that have never been on it. That said, I loved the tour, but everyone should know that it is a 5 hour walking tour. When they say 5 hour, they mean 5 hours. We sat down a grand total of 5 times including 2 attractions and lunch during the 5 hours. If you plan on doing it, be prepared!

              Once I had finished the Key's tour, I elected to head to DHS because the crowds were horrendous at MK. Honestly, they weren't that much better at DHS. I sucked it up and got into the 40 minute line ToT because I love it that much! After a ride on ToT, I was pretty frustrated with the crowds. At that point, I decided to catch the bus to Saratoga and walk the rest of the way to DtD.

              After spending a little time at DtD, I caught the bus to the Boardwalk and walked through International Gateway into EPCOT. Once in Future World, I made my way to M:S where I experienced the great orange side. After a great spin on M:S, I grabbed a Mickey Premium and walked around MouseGear for a bit. From MouseGear, I hit SSE and than found my spot for ROE. Another fantastic day at Disney was brought to a close with a terrific performance of ROE. I quickly made my way to the bus stop and caught the bus to Pop.

              Selected pictures from Day 2:

              Thanks for all the comments everyone! Expect Day 3 sometimes tomorrow!


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                Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

                Awesome report...your pictures take me back when I went to WDW last year..sigh...hopefully..I will go back next year...those epoct pictures are awesome
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                  Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

                  Oh Pop Century... for some reason I actually miss it, of course among the other WDW hotels. Great trip report so far. Love the photos.


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                    Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

                    Tuesday morning came and brought St. Patrick's Day with it. Once I got up and did my routine, I headed out the door with one thing on my mind TSMM. After I arrived at DHS, I made my way to my typical spot for the rope drop. When it finally happened, I went with the herd to TSMM. I had to get one of those FP tickets, b/c AP had finally died on me. Once I had that and an actual FP in hand for the ride, I got into a, relatively, short standby line. After about 20 minutes of queueing, I was on board for my first ride. First ride done, I hung around Pixar Studios for a bit until my FP time came up. 2 rides down in an hour, today was looking promising! Oh how those hopes were destroyed.

                    I made my way to my favorite ride, ToT, but the line was already over 90 minutes, with FP distribution for around 3 p.m. RNRC was even worse. The AIE show was at 11, so I decided to make my way to AIE in order to catch the first show. The first show was almost a full house from what I could see. Which really astounded me. As for the show itself, I liked it! The stage is awesome, the show I saw had pretty good talent, I absolutely loved the pre show guy, and the judges were pretty good too. I might get killed for saying this, but it is a great addition. After AIE, I made my way to guest relations to get a new AP. With new AP in hand, I headed to MK.

                    I got in line for the TTC bus, but the Contemporary bus showed up first so I jumped on it. Once at the Contemporary, I made my way via the walking path to MK. ZOMG! it was crowded. I can't convey how bad it was except to say the only time I have seen it worse was actually on the 4th of July. I grabbed a 7:00 p.m. FP for Space and quickly got on CoP. After a quick spin on TTA, I made my way to Frontierland where I had lunch at Pecos Bills. Next, I just kind of hung around, I thought I would ride Pirates, but the line was incredibly long (see the pictures). Than I figured Haunted Mansion wouldn't have a long wait. WRONG! Heck, CBJ was using the extended queue. I hit PhillharMagic (waiting 2 show cycles to get in), made my way to the Hub and caught Dream Along with Mickey for the first time ever. Than, I found a spot for the parade. I'm normally not a parade person, but crowds were too much to deal with so I figured it would fill time until my FP time came up. After the parade, I made my way back to TL and grabbed a FP for Buzz. I rode the TTA again and kind of hung out for awhile. I eventually got on both Buzz and my final ride on the current Space Mountain. I slowly made my way to the exit to catch the monorail to EPCOT.

                    Once at EPCOT, I made my way to SSE for another spin on the greatness it is. Next, I made my way to Sunshine Season's for dinner. After a delicious meal, I spent a lot of time at The Seas, including visiting Turtle Talk for the first time. I really, really liked Turtle Talk. It is a very cute show. After some more time in The Seas, I visited SSE again. As it was already around 8:45 p.m. I decided to skip ROE and go ahead and beat the rush to the bus.

                    Another great day had come to a close. I didn't accomplish a whole lot, but I had a great time.

                    Selected pictures from Day 3:

                    The next 2 photos are of Stitch Construction:

                    SGE wait time:

                    They are painting the rocks at the entrance to TL:

                    Pirates extended queue in use:

                    The dude circled is the end of the line for pirates:

                    From the Key's Tour, this is the same bird Captain Jack has tattooed on his arm in the movies. It can be found on the Pirate's building:

                    Smee's new look:

                    HoP construction:

                    The end of the HM line:

                    HM extended queue in use:

                    Some high school bands were performing:

                    Main Street Band:

                    The lady circled is at the end of the line for Space:

                    Day 4 will be up tomorrow! :wave:


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                      Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

                      Awesome TR! Can't wait for the next installment.


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                        Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

                        Wow, nice photos.
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                          Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

                          Nice Trip Report. From all the posts it seems like WDW is always crowed. Is there an off-season where waits are 10-20 minutes like at DL? I'm beginning to think I don't want to go all the way to Florida to deal with crowds.


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                            Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

                            Nice pictures, it look very packed! Can't wait to see more!
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                              Re: Krank's March 15th-19th TR! (Picture Heavy)

                              Great TR so far!! I loved Keys to the Kingdom! Would recommend it to anyone!!!!!


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