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New schedule for Aqua Seas tour at Epcot

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  • News New schedule for Aqua Seas tour at Epcot

    Living in Seattle, I never have any Disney World news so even though this is not big news I can let eveyone know that the Aqua Seas tour at Epcot is no longer being offered on Sunday or Monday.

    I received a call from Disney today telling me that my tour schedued on Sunday, May 17th, was being cancelled. I should have asked when this takes effect but sometime between now and mid-May the tour will be going to a 5-day a week schedule.

    The real bummer is that there are very few tours offered on Sunday so trying to juggle our schedule became an all day task emailing back and forth with the itinerary planners at Wilderness lodge. We did not want to miss out on this tour but none of the other tours we had scheduled were offered on Sundays. We did have an afternoon booked full of water activities (Parasailing, personal watercraft, etc.) so we ended up moving those to Sunday so we could do the Aqua Seas tour on Saturday.

    Getting close now, can't wait.
    Maybe you folks can tell me though. Does gettin' two womenfolk mean you're the winner or the loser?
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