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Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme


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  • [Pictures] Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

    Bored on Easter so I took my first little trip to Beaches and Cream

    Arrived to the Beach Club Resort

    They call it Beach Club because there's a beach. Beach dag nabbit. Beach.

    The pool was packed and the hotel was a lot more crowded than the last time I visited it. But what's this?

    Hooligans blatantly ignoring a "No Swimming" sign

    This time we were going to actually explore the other side of the Boardwalk area..or I guess since that's the side called the Boardwalk, we were going to the only Boardwalk area.

    Lighthouse on one side, weird looking fish-not-dolphin on the other

    All sorts of birds were enjoying a little swim on this beautiful and mildly warm but not scorching day.

    'Tis a long walk off a short pier.

    This really is the life for a duck. A great bay to hang out in, even a heat moderated pool, and when you feel like drying off you just hop over onto the warm grass to take a nap.

    A look back at the dock. The sun seekers weren't out, so the sun felt safe hiding off and on.

    There's that fish... that stupid stupid fish.

    Now we were at the boardwalk and enjoying the run-down out of business atmosphere it gave off. If only the security cart didn't ruin the mood.

    I see a hidden golf ball.

    All sorts of fun store-fronts covered the boardwalk leading to ever-more interesting generic disney stores inside.

    Oo la la! Seduced into buying ice cream? Not I you naughty naughty store.

    I finally got to go inside the fabled ESPN Club, the place that they always mention in an ESPN Zone coupon as not being an eligable store to redeem it at.


    and a pretty pretty butterfly

    a hidden mickey in one of the castles.. donald in one of the others woulda been nice biased disney sand sculptures

    And then we were back at the Beach Club Resort and going into Beaches and Cream for our first time

    I got this, she got that. Mmmmm

    And that was that. A yummy snack on a warm Sunday holiday. We left through the lobby.

    But what's this, one more surprise with a rainbow on our way out. Awwwww

    Time to go back to our hotel and enjoy the rest of our Easter afternoon, when horror struck...

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    Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

    LOL!!! What a great trip report!

    You know...the ducks really do have it made at WDW. We make it a point to always buy a box of popcorn at MK and feed them the whole thing.

    Yes, I know you're not technically supposed to.....but, Walt did it! And if it's okay for him....then, why can't I?


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      Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

      Beaches 'n' Creme is where it's at. I like where your head is at.


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        Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

        Almandot...I love it! What an enjoyable trip report to read. I admire your photography and LOL'd at your captions. Thanks for sharing this with us!


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          Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Cream

          Thanks for the nice pics...I'm
          Music is my LIFE!!!


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            Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

            Love Beaches and Cream!
            Good morning, son
            In twenty years from now
            Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
            And I can tell you 'bout today
            And how I picked you up and everything changed
            It was pain
            Sunny days and rain
            I knew you'd feel the same things...



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              Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

              Very nice TR!

              I like where your head is at too, cuz it would look funny anywhere else.

              I want to be a WDW duck!
              I want my cake back!


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                Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

                Cute trip report!
                Fratsor Sister - Delta Mu Chi Alpha



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                  Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

                  ) The bunny at the end cracked me up. Cute.
                  "All our dreams can come true.....if we have the courage to pursue them."
                  - Walt Disney


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                    Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

                    awesome trip report thanks. your caption commentarys are just great. i loved the ducks being in the pool. thanks for sharing.


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                      Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Cream

                      wow!! i love every shot!! nice share mate!


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                        Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

                        Beautiful trip report, thanks for sharing.

                        Loved the commentary!


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                          Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Cream

                          nice pics..!!! very cool trip..!!! lol
                          my heart is yours


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                            Re: Easter 4/12 Beaches'n'Creme

                            Nice photos, I love the "hooligans" part!


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