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march or october 2010


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  • [Question] march or october 2010

    Hi everyone.

    It's been a while since I have been to the forum so I hope that everyone is well.

    It's been 9/10 months since my last holiday in Disney and it's seems to be calling me back again, like it does to us all

    What I would like to know is when is the best time to visit?.

    I usually visit end of september beginning of october and find this a perfect time for heat & queues plus halloween is just starting so this is when I always visit.

    It is my 30th birthday on March 29th next year and that is why I might consider changing and going in March but because this is all new to me I need some advice on whether this is a good time to go. What are the queues like then..I have done a small bit of research and it seems quite a bit more expensive to go in March so it makes me think it may be busy.

    I would really appreciate some advice on what is best to do.

    Thanks muchly

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    Re: march or october 2010

    Both times are pretty good times to visit. If I were you, I would keep both options open. For the past 3 years, Disney has offered a deal where if you book in the Spring for a trip in late August or September, they give you the dining plan for free. The nice part of this is saving some money on food, the downside is that the parks now remain almost as crowded as they were in the summer and it is impossible to get a restaurant reservation. So depending on what you want, you may want to take part of that deal or avoid it like the plague.

    Otherwise the first two weeks in October are usually my favorite time in the parks. They are virtually empty and Halloween is always fun at Magic Kingdom.

    March is nice, but it can still be chilly for Florida. If you come then, there is a chance that the pools and water parks will be closed for weather, but the parks should be reasonable. However, since your birthday is closer to April, the weather might be fine. Pay close attention to holidays though. If Easter is early in April, expect it to be very crowded. The week before and the week after Easter Sunday are very very busy.
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      Re: march or october 2010

      Make sure you stay far away from the holidays! The busiest times of the year.


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        Re: march or october 2010

        End of March could still be some spring break crowds, but they're usually slowing down towards the end of the month.

        October is the Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT.


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          Re: march or october 2010

          I would suggest taking a holiday trip. I've done 4th of July, New Year's Eve and Halloween. I have yet to do Christmas Day and will soon in the future.

          But it seems you actually do mind the crowds, something I love about theme parks, crowded parks are my thing, never get angry in them so going during the holidays may be something you don't want to but I loved every holiday trip I was there.

          Crowds and long lines can't be all that bad.

          So if you can take a special trip next year I would suggest 4th of July or New Year's Eve. Both super crowded yet one is cooler in tempature than the other.


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            Re: march or october 2010

            Thanks for all the input it is really appreciated.

            So far I think that we will be going in October again...I do like Halloween I just wanted to see what the other option is like.

            The time it takes to get on rides unfortunatly is a big thing for us because we will be limited to 1 park a day and a couple of days to revisit fave rides and attractions.

            As much as I love disney we will be also going to universal/seaworld/busch gardens and other attractions during a 2 week stay.

            I'm taking my boyfriend and he hasn't really been before and I want it to be as special as possible for him

            Thanks for the tip on waiting for deals, that is something I will be doing..any tips of good websites..I am a bit wary doing it online as last time my attraction ticket company went bankrupt and I lost everything


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