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Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

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  • Trip Report Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

    So, with the new birthday promotion, the buy 4 get 3 free deal, and with NNL getting the free Universal Orlando ticket from the Super Bowl promotion, we decided to spend my 30th birthday down at WDW.

    It was decided, and we flew down a week before my birthday, so the birthday enjoyment could be taken advantage of for as long as possible. We rented a car, since we were heading to Universal as well, and drove to our hotel, Port Orleans French Quarter.

    After checking in and getting my birthday button right at check in, we went to the room, and found we had been upgraded to a river view room on the second floor. Sweet! Throughout the trip the birthday button got a few great surprises, starting with this.

    The view from our room. So peaceful

    Standard room shots:

    This bench came in handy during the trip.

    Tons of Hidden Mickeys in the bedspread.

    The peaceful fountain by our room. The day we arrived it wasn't running, but the next day it was on for the rest of our stay. I was so happy it was turned back on because these little features are why I love this resort so much.

    After a quick lunch in the food court we headed to the Magic Kingdom to start our trip.

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    Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

    How wonderful! Can't wait to see your happy birthday trip report!
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      Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

      Because we wanted to get there ASAP, we opted for the bus instead of the car, since we didn't want to switch at the TTC. It has been almost a year since we were last at WDW, so it was such a wonderful feeling to be back. Sure, it's not DL, but it's still a great place, and still a lot of fun.

      Surprisingly, the parks weren't too crowded the entire trip. However, the heat was BRUTAL. I've gone to WDW in late August for many years, but this was nothing like that. The humidty was downright unbearable, and often we found ourselves having to duck into a store/restaurant, or heading back to the room to cool off. It's a tip everyone hears often enough, but it's one that is definitely required!

      At the Magic Kingdom we didn't really have much of a plan. Since we were heading back here tomorrow we knew we would have plenty of time to hit everything.

      We ended up mostly in Frontierland and Liberty Square this afternoon. The Liberty Belle is something we both haven't done, so we put it on our list of things to do.

      After the refurb, this Mansion is my favorite. I LOVE the wallpaper effect, so simple yet so eerie. Also, the sound effects in the stretch room are great. Wait a little after unloading and hear the creepy children whispering. So cool!

      I also love paying our respects to Mr. Toad in the pet cementery. (He's directly between the 2 trees for those who don't know.)

      We also did the 2 open mountains. While Space being closed definitely created a more crowded MK, I don't miss it all that much. I am not a huge fan of WDW's Space, but hopefully things will look better after November.

      Nice to see both other mountains operating. For those who care, Cumulus Isobar was missing from Tumbleweed the entire week.

      :love: Best MK ride IMO. And, hopping Brer Rabbit was working! However, oddly, he was facing away from the logs.

      We saw a roaming cowboy as well! Donald with his Frontierland garb was also roaming around.

      On our way to Tomorrowland, we saw a custodial and security CM talking, looking into the moat. As we crossed the bridge, we saw this poor fellow facedown in the water. He must have ridden his attraction.

      After a few more attractions, we both decided to head back to the room, have dinner, and get to bed. Since we woke up at 4 AM, and since we still had a whole week ahead of us, we thought we would take it easy and not overdo it too early on the trip.

      The food court at the hotel is themed to a storage facility for Mardis Gras Floats. Some are uber creepy!

      Penguins apparently can fly!

      Next up: more MK. And the odd stories begin...
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        Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

        How exciting! It looks like you two had a ton of fun.

        I'm sorry I missed you.

        Can't wait to read more!


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          Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

          How fun! Can't wait to hear the stories!
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            Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

            Great pix, can't wait to see the rest!


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              Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

              YAY! A trip report!!! We want more!


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                Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

                Day 2, Sunday, - Magic Kingdom!

                After eating breakfast at the hotel, we took the bus to the MK.
                Here are a few highlights from the day, in no particular order:

                ~~ We rode the teacups. LOVE the teacups. If anyone wants to puke, ask Jeff to share the video he made of them (I don't think he mentioned but he got a great deal on a Flip video from Woot!.com so he took some videos this trip!). He took video AND still spun the cup crazy fast. Loved it. Also, Alice rode too! She was right next to us. Afterward, she did a meet and greet.

                ~~ This was a big trip of firsts for both of us. My first time on the Speedway (I really liked it and love how the track fits the theming of the ride so well - love the theming of the ride itself too. But DL is better because there's more to see and more shade (Which wouldn't fit the WDW theming anyway).

                ~~ Another first, for both of us, was the Liberty Belle Riverboat. On board we saw an interesting sight.

                (cropped to protect the innocent)
                They were eating tomatoes and fruit cocktail straight from the can.
                At least it wasn't KFC

                Here are a few other sights from the cruise:
                For some odd reason I was obsessed with this fence:


                Without the white thing, this would be a perfect pic!

                Potter's Mill:

                On the island, you can go in it!

                The unburning cabin:

                Looks like the old man from Pirates decided a change of venue was in order.

                ~~ We also went on Tom Sawyer's Island. I had only been there once, a quick turnaround trip to get something free from the YOMD people. It was fun but so hot. The coolest thing is that the fort is still open. We used the secret escape tunnel. Another great thing is that they used to sell sandwiches, then ice cream, so they have whole restaurant set up. It's like a little town! (And the CM driving the raft wasn't too bad to look at either )

                I liked this box:

                ~~ We went back to the hotel to rest and escape the heat and crowds (it was too crowded for my taste, esp. when you're battling the heat and humidity... not too much patience left for people lol). Then we decided to walk over to the Riverside. I had never been there.

                The view from the hotel room, and my stylin' sunglasses.

                The walk isn't too long, and it's pretty along the water. There are boats that go by as well as bicycles which you can rent). And we were lucky enough to have a few frat boys behind us calling out obnoxious comments to everyone who came by

                Here's one of the "mansions" of rooms you can stay in at Riverside.

                We walked over to their little island where the pool is. ThHey had a fire pit and the playground had a paddle wheel lol!!

                Here's some tree they planted on earth day. It was a big deal to my parents for some reason, so I took a pic. It is a cool tree though.

                We went into their store to do some pin trading, then we used our 30 min of free gaming card in the arcade.

                Loved the decor - the nephews are lowering and raising the rope - on the other end is a platform with the chipmunks, and they are pushing items on Donald's head LOL. The rope was actually moving. Love details like this!!

                Goofy and Mickey's nephews are on another display- Goofy actually moved back and forth on the ladder.

                Back to the MK.....

                ~~ Peoplemover was down due to the SM refurb. I knew about it ahead of time, but it was still a bummer. And the saddest thing to see the cars sitting up there totally empty.

                ~~ We saw yet another sitich, obviously tramatized by his horrible ride:


                I wanted to see Spectromagic, since I hadn't seen it since the first MC WDW invasion (Shout Out, woo!). It's no Main St. Electrical Parade, but it is a pretty good show, with some obscure characters.


                Chip and Dale channel Liberace


                Big Fish.

                Ariel and the gang.

                Even the King of the Seas is there - but he is CREEPY! You can't really see it here, but that mask has GOT to go!!!


                3 Little Pigs

                Cinderelly and her hot Prince

                I love how the end floats change color.

                Carrousel float:

                Tried to get Peter Pan but he wouldn't stop moving!!

                Here comes the captain!

                Ta da!

                Pirate ship!

                Pinnochio, Gepetto and... Dopey????


                Tiny Jiminy:

                ~~ It was EMH so we stayed and rode a few rides. On Peter Pan, we stopped over the pirate ship. Here is a pic:

                Good Night MK. See you again in a few days. :love:

                Good morning, son
                In twenty years from now
                Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                And I can tell you 'bout today
                And how I picked you up and everything changed
                It was pain
                Sunny days and rain
                I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                  Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

                  lol to the can of tomatoes and the lost stitch's.


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                    Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

                    Very nice photos; thanks for sharing!

                    FOR AUTUMN TIME AT DISNEYLAND!


                    With kindest regards,
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                      Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

                      Here's the video of the Teacups.

                      The new roll call in the Hall of Presidents. We saw the show twice during our trip, and I think the show is wonderfully updated. For a review of the new show, please see this post.
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                        Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

                        Originally posted by NeverNeverland View Post


                        DUCKIES!!!! I've never seen any of these!
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                          Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

                          Great pictures! Looks like you're having a great time!


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                            Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

                            Day 3, Monday, EPCOT!

                            So, this morning breakfast started out at the Polynesian. NNL had never had Tonga Toast, and was looking forward to it. We drove to the resort, and checked out the lobby briefly before we were seated immediately for breakfast.

                            Love this lobby.

                            It really feels like a completely different world here.

                            A small cafe, but a great breakfast!

                            NNL and her Tonga Toast. Her review, "Tonga Toast is amazing. The banana part is really good, but the hot, fresh cinnamon french toast was the best I ever had. I definitely will be getting this again in the future. Yum."

                            *For some reason, we have few pictures of EPCOT, so this will be more commentary than pictures. Pictures will be resumed later.

                            We got to EPCOT at opening, and headed into The Land to ride Soarin'. Sure, we've done it often at DCA, but still a great ride! We then headed over to Test Track and Mission: Space. NNL has only done the Orange side once before, so we decided to ride that. I really forgot how intense it is, but still a fun attraction.

                            Another new thing we were both looking forward to was the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, so we got our Fastpass for it and headed back to World Showcase to give it a try. We absolutely loved it! We wound up doing 2 different missions this day, Germany and Norway. The only real problems we had were that there seem to be so many people doing it at the same time. Often, we would find another family doing the same task, and to avoid seeing the reaction, we would have to wait until they were finished. Another problem we had was that sometimes the tasks just seemed so drawn out. I realize we're probably not the target audience, but when they repeat "go to so and so" 3 times before you actually get there, it seems a bit redundant.

                            However, with those 2 minor quibbles, we still had a lot of fun, and decided to do a few more of the games later in the week, since World Showcase was getting awfully hot. We decided to wait in the American Adventure, listen to the Voices of Liberty and take in the show. However, while waiting, we noticed this:

                            Who would ever think this is appropriate? We tried to find a security guard, but none were around. When we got out of the show, they were gone, luckily. It seemed like we found a lot of people disrespecting the park this trip. It was bad enough how NNL had to yell in the HM for people to stop taking flash pictures in the Haunted Mansion because they flashed it right in her eyes, but we kept noticing people who just didn't seem to show the respect the park deserved. More on this later.

                            We hit the usual other attractions, and decided to head back to the hotel to rest for a bit. While back at the hotel we received a knock on the door, and were greeted by a CM with a celebration packet: a discount Photopass, and autographed picture of Mickey. While the Photopass we didn't use, the gesture was welcome and it was a nice touch.

                            The button, standard Mickey towel, and our celebration packet!

                            I was waiting for the monorail to pass by for a good 5 minutes, but eventually gave up and moved on.

                            Why this bathroom picture? Because it's a great throwback to the 80s. I miss the Odyssey when it was a quick service character meal.

                            The Seas with Nemo in friends is the one attraction we had some issues with. Twice during the trip it was down. However, when it was up, it was nice to see the angler fish working once again.

                            Spaceship Earth still needs something more in it descent, but it's still a lot of fun.

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                              Re: Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too)

                              Fatabulous report! Totally appreciate all the duck pics, too.

                              Regarding those girls dipping their feet in the fountain... tisk, tisk. So not cool.