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What could have been and what will be.


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  • [Chat] What could have been and what will be.

    ******* this is long, but NOT a waste of time. I poured my heart into this message and hope you enjoy it - goover **********

    Well I was going to post this story in another thread but decided it had too much content and needed it's own thread.

    So here it goes.

    Around September my family booked our first trip ever to Walt Disney World. We picked the polynesian for a July 5th arrival.

    Having been to Disneyland countless times and only dreaming of what WDW could possibly be like, I grew very excited.

    However, our plans took a good beating beginning on a tragic day in my life.

    On December 19th, 2008 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my step-dad was laied off of his job.

    It was that day my parents broke the news that we were moving. I had just finished my "Disney Room" as my parents would call it.

    It was painted with bright green and blue Disney Colors (it's an actual brand at Home Depot).

    anyways, it had mickey shutters and everything.

    Then came the idea of our WDW vacation, which was virtually torched.

    My step dad soon called in an attempt to cancel our trip but supposedly ran into some complications. Basically, he never got the "okay" and no cancel button was ever pushed, as far as we knew.

    So the possibility of WDW was always still a hopeful option.

    My mother went into surgery to remove a large tumor from her hip on March 5th.

    When she returned later that month, her improvement was so quick to the point where we could continue dreaming again of going to WDW.

    I told her about ECV's and how well Disney caters to the handicapped. We were all very excited again. The trip was on!

    Or so we thought. A mere few days later, my step-dad was informed via a phone call that Disney had cancelled our trip and had failed to tell us in doing so. Neither did they contact us regarding money refunds - which was a very scary thought seeing as they could have just ran off with our money had we not known any better.

    I'm not blaming disney here, they must have gotten confused with my step-father's calls. After all, there were those moments when the trip was virtually cancelled and everyone believed it.

    So now, a few days before my 16th Birthday, I can only wonder what It would have been like had things gone well.

    Had my mother not had cancer.

    Had my step-dad not lost his job.

    Over the past 8 months I have (lost/been very close to losing) everything that kept me going and brightened my day.

    I still miss my room to this date. I miss that spiral staircase.

    I even still have the vacation planner DVD in my dresser.

    But you know what? My mom is alive and well. My step dad has found new work. My appartment room walls have been painted the same Disney Color (granted the shutters had to go).

    And best of all, I still have my annual pass.

    With the credit crunch and economy, it may be years until I actually visit WDW for the first time.

    But I know that when I do, everything that has kept me down in life will finally shimmer to a beautiful death under the magic that is...


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    Re: What could have been and what will be.

    I am sorry you missed out on what would have been a greatvacation with your family, but delighted to hear about your mothers successful battle!

    Keep your chin up!


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      Re: What could have been and what will be.

      That must be a very bad feeling... SORRY! I turned 16 years old on April 13th of 2009 and all my life, I have wanted to have my 16th birthday at DLR or WDW. My parents would always say yes, but said no at the last minute. But at least I was able to go the week before!
      "Ian, in life, whatever you do, DO NOT give up your dreams and goals of the past, present, and future and only then will you be successful!" - Walter Elias Disney


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