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  • [Fun] If you designed Disney

    I had an interesting conversation with a pilot that I work with today. He basically said that where you live during the first few years of your life strongly influence your view of the world. He then described where he lived for the first xx amount of years of his life and that's how he remembers it. Then we got on the subject of Main Street USA and how it is designed after Mr. Disney's recollection of Marcelline, Missouri. Then the question was posed, "If you designed Disney, how would it look?"

    So a little background on my answer: I grew up in a small Utah farm town that seemed to hit it heyday in the mid 50's. Seriously, it's like they got to a point and said, "HOLD IT! It's good, don't change a thing!" So Main Street looks pretty much the same as it did in old photographs that I found on-line. When I was a kid life still seemed to center around Main Street although it was growing out on the outskirts of town. I remember going to my Grandparents in the next town and there was still the Corner Drug Store and the one screen theater. You could still get nickle candy out of glass containers at the drug store and the pharmacist would whip up an ice cream soda for you. Where my aunt lived was much the same, just smaller, life centered on the Town Square there: a City Hall, Church House and the general store/post office combo (where you could buy a soda in a long nech glass bottle for a quarter). Then a couple blocks over was a small clear stream where my cousins and I would harass the local crayfish population. Then, Back to the Future happened. My hometown still all looked the same, but in my minds eye the cars where much older and there where neon lights. (Basically, it may not have happened that way, but that's how I remember it.)

    So after all of that I would have to say that Main Street would be slightly displaced into 1950's America, still relatively simple, yet quaint. Much like the main drag in Kingman, Arizona(minus the meth addicts.) Frontierland wouldn't be too much different. (Hell I remember going to Fort Bridger when I was young. A real Fort! I also remember going to a mountain man rendezvous and binding my little brother with duct tape, but that's a different story.) Adventureland did much to shape my early views of the world so how could I change that? Tomorrowland would be the future that never was. I think that Fanasyland would probaly remain unchanged as well.

    The question that I am posing to my fellow MiceChatters now is: "If you designed Disney, how would it look?"
    He felt like his life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.
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