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Dancer Auditions (Video Auditions?)


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  • [Question] Dancer Auditions (Video Auditions?)

    Hi everyone,

    I have always wanted to audition for the Dream Along with Mickey stage show, problem is I live in Iowa so it is not very easy to just jump on a plane to Orlando. There are auditions next Friday already and I have tried to call the hotline to get more information such as when the contract would start and how long it would go for but I still have another day or two before the 72 hours they say you will get a response. It also gives an e-mail address of [email protected] but it says my e-mails are undeliverable. Does this e-mail even exist anymore?

    Also on the hotline it says if you absolutley can not make an audition you can e-mail a video to one of two different addresses. Has anyone ever tried this before? It does say there is no guarantee when they will be able to even watch your video, and they will only contact you if they want you for a call back, I am just wondering if it is even worth it to send in a video?

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    Re: Dancer Auditions (Video Auditions?)

    Currently, Tokyo Disney and Universal Japan were auditioning for their shows, which frankly, are of much higher budgets and quality over the ones presented at the MK. If I were you, I'd pursue that option and be a part of a show that you can really be proud to be a part of, as opposed to one that gets ripped apart (Like Dream Along with Mickey) for being so minimal and low budget. Trust me, Disney can do much better than that, and so can you!


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