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Booked my return trip to the world!!!! Can't wait!!!


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  • [Fun] Booked my return trip to the world!!!! Can't wait!!!

    So I booked the trip that I was talking about in the "Which week is best to visit Disney?" thread. I had to settle for 12/15 to 12/20 because it was all they had available as the first week of Dec was booked at almost all the hotels. Unfortunately the 2nd week of Dec I had plans that I could not get out of, so here we are... 12/15, and I can't wait.

    So what I had did was get a promo code to get some better room rates, and I had called this morning to get some rates, and what they had given me was:

    Polynesian (garden view) $1822
    Pop Century (preferred) $495
    Contemporary (theme park view) $2200
    Coronado (std room) $625
    AKL (savanah) $1440
    Wilderness Lodge (courtyard view) $1338

    I knew that I wanted to stay somewhere nice this trip (stayed at POP last year, and I loved it, but wanted somewhere nice this trip) but some of those rooms (and those are room rates only. no tickets or Dining) are way out of my budget, so I started to trim away rooms.

    Eventually I narrowed it down to either Coronado Springs or AKL (savanah). My friend and his finance told me how nice AKL was so I started to lean toward that hotel, but the thought of paying $1440 for just a room was a little discouraging, and I thought I was just going to end up at POP again, but then it hit me... split the time between 2 resorts.

    So I called up Disney reservations and gave them my old res# and I made the changes that allowed me to book the trip. Here is what my final itinerary looks like:

    AKL (Savannah room) 3 Nights (15, 16, 17) $722.00
    All Star Movies (preferred) 2 Nights (18, 19) $246.00

    Total trip cost: $968
    Original cost: $1440 (AKL for 5 nights in Savannah room)

    Total savings: $472

    I'll take $472 anytime.... now I have money to get park tickets and what not.

    Can't wait. My girlfriend and I are going to have a BLAST!!!!

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