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  • Trip Report Stitchy's anniversary trip!

    hi everyone! I know...I've been WAY late putting up this trip report. We've been home for just over three weeks. But! I promise to include lots of pics and fun stories!

    For those who don't know, my husband was deployed for six months, starting in Jan and ending in July. We decided that since WDW was offering such great deals for military, we couldn't pass up the chance to go Celebrate his return AND our ten year wedding anniversary. So, thanks to Jerren...our wonderful travel agent...we planned a great 10 night stay at WDW!

    We left our house in Oklahoma on Aug. 29 and drove to my parent's house in Louisiana. We arrived there 12 hours later, and spent the night. The next day, we continued our trip to Orlando. We arrived, about 11 hours later at the All Stars Music Resort.

    The lady at the front desk was SUPER nice, and gave us anniversary pins and gave me a red rose. She also gave our daughter a balloon puppy and a "I'm Celebrating" pin. She was thrilled over that, and immediately named the puppy..."blueberry". LOL

    We headed to our room, after making sure a special surprise was waiting for our daughter...

    She loved the balloons, but, was more excited to get to the pool.

    bed was the next stop after that, since we had a big day at SeaWorld ahead of us.

    Monday..Aug. 31...

    We hadn't been to SeaWorld in about 4 years, so we were happy to have a day to spend there. Our daughter was too young last time to enjoy the shows, but, this time, she was really into it.

    First stop? Her absolute favorite...penguins.

    She LOVED all the penguins. We stayed in there quite a while...and ended up going back later that afternoon while Dad rode the rollercoasters.

    We HAD to go check out the Clydesdales. She loves horses, and I figured she'd get a kick out of seeing these giants. A trainer happened to be out washing one...she thought it was fascinating.

    They have a new thing...where you can have your picture taken with one. Now, we had no intention of actually buying the picture. Our daughter just wanted to touch the horse. And, they invite you to pet them as long as you get your picture taken too. After petting Kelly, who was one of the smaller horses at 14 hands tall...we wandered into the stall to check out the picture. I heard the guy at the register say "we'll take another one since the horse was sticking his tongue out" but, I thought he was talking to the women behind me. Then, I saw this...

    Please, excuse the crappy picture...its a picture of a picture (I don't have a scanner, no, I'm not a caveman). But, you get the general idea. Of we HAD to buy the picture. Cause, how many people get a picture with a Clydesdale sticking his tongue out?

    Of course, we saw the Shamu show and Clyde and Seamore. Those pictures...unfortunately are on the other camera and I don't know how to get them on the computer. So, those might be added later. Have to wait on hubby to do that.

    Somehow, my family managed to talk me into the skytower. Which is a miracle in and of itself. Considering, I am terrified of heights. I enjoyed it once I was up there, though.

    We had to stop and see the manatees since they are one of my most favoritest animals.

    After visiting my little, um...big friends...we headed for the gate while the song "Barbara Manatee" ran through our simple minds. The second we hit the gate, it started pouring rain. We opted to not come back for the nightly show and instead grab a bite to eat. Then, off to bed early...Typhoon Lagoon was our stop for the next day!

    Tuesday, Sept. 1.....
    We checked out of All Stars Music and loaded the stuff in the to Typhoon Lagoon!

    Sorry, no pictures of the waterpark. Didn't want to take the chance of ruining a perfectly good camera.

    This was our first visit to a Disney waterpark, and boy did we have a great time! No other water park I've been to measures up to this one. Disney has a great way of doing things. Makes me wanna send postcards to the water park here in town telling them to take a trip to Typhoon Lagoon and see how things are REALLY done!

    The wave pool was great..although, our daughter didn't care for it at all. Every time the buzzer would sound, she'd take off running for shore..screaming like a banshee.

    We stayed until closing, then left right as it started to pour again. We checked into All Stars Movies resort, grabbed a bite at the restaurant and went to bed early. Next day...Magic Kingdom...and our anniversary!

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    Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

    Wednesday, Sept. 2...Our anniversary!

    We were SOOO excited to be spending our 10th anniversary in the Magic Kingdom. We made sure to get up bright and early and make it to the opening ceremony!

    hubby and lil Stitchy..all smiles!

    me and my cool ears inspired by Aimster.

    Now, if you haven't noticed...we have some pretty cool shirts on. BIG GINORMOUS thanks go to LightMouse and PrincessY for all their help, patience and kindness. These two sweeties helped me design the shirts, and they turned out great!

    The obligatory castle shot..

    The first character we saw was the fairy Godmother. We had to stop for a picture and autograph, of course. No little one can pass up a character.

    Our first ride is always Peter Pan...mostly because if you don't ride it first thing in the're gonna wait. And....wait. And...wait.

    Dumbo was next. This was the first trip we've had to use two separate Dumbos...I guess our little girl is growing up. ~sniffle~

    Pretty soon, it was time to head back over to the castle. My husband was dying to see someone....

    Yes, it was my husband's request to see them. He loves the way they interact with guests...and all their snarky comments. They loved our daughter, cause...I'm raising her the right love villians. Heehee. J had to ask where Lucifer was...and Anastasia agreed that he was a lovely kitty. Hubby commented to J that these were the EVIL stepsisters...they were mean to Cinderella. To which Drusilla responded.."don't you know there's two sides to every story?" And, asked me.."haven't you finished training him right?" I told her, I had only been working on it 10 years...I was still trying.

    We headed right over to Cinderella's table after our fun with the stepsisters and Lady Tremaine. We've been blessed enough to eat there twice before..and it's always special and yummy!

    I was surprised to see Ariel there. We've never seen her in a restaurant before.

    And this....

    is the best dessert I've had at WDW. If anyone has the recipe (or, a reasonable facsimile) please pm me with it. I know it's probably mega simple...but, it's SOOOO good!

    After lunch, we checked out ToonTown...where we had a surprise for our daughter.

    She's a HUGE fan of Tinkerbell. And, since WDW now has the meet and greet...we kept it a surprise until we got there. She was SO happy when she learned who we were going to meet!

    Silvermist was thrilled that J knew her name. And when J mentioned that she loves to jump, Silvermist told her the cutest story about trying to teach her little friends, the polywogs how to jump. She hoped they would get as good as it at J. SOOOO precious!

    She was beyond thrilled to meet Tink.

    I have to mention to very special characters here....we headed over to City Hall, and there were Tigger and Pooh. We got in line, and the attendant said they were going to take a short break after the people ahead of us. While she was talking, the people left and J ran right up there. I tried to call her back, but Tigger and Pooh were SO sweet and motioned for her to stay. Granted, we were the only people in line to meet them...but, I know they didn't have to do that. It was extremely sweet of them.

    We ended the night with something we hadn't planned.

    We wandered through the TomorrowLand Noodle Station, and there was a lovely woman standing behind a sign advertising the Wishes Dessert Buffet. I mentioned to my husband that I had heard (on here) that they were trying this out, but that it was going to end before our trip. The lady (Kimberly) said it was extended and they had room for tonight. Well, we decided to do it on our second night, and walked off. Before long...we changed our minds and headed back. We got into a conversation with Kimberly, and my husband joked that what they really needed was a hamburger buffet (his favorite food). At 8pm, we were let into the special area set aside...and there was a HUGE buffet of yummy treats. It was a surprise to our daughter, who we had just told that we were going to eat dinner at a buffet. Little did she know it was all chocolate covered and sugar sweetened.

    That was my first plate. Yes, I said first. I'm a dessert FIEND and had about 4 plates that night. The chocolate covered strawberries were unbelievable!

    Right after we were finishing up our first plates, Kimberly showed up, with a container in her hand. She told my husband that while she couldn't arrange a hamburger buffet, she hoped this would do...and handed him a cheeseburger with fries and all the fixings. She TOTALLY made his night.

    Our daughter was more fascinated with the mickey head confetti than the desserts. During Wishes...the sweet busser cleaned up our table, accidentally disposing of her prized confetti. Before you know it, Pete came back to our table...with a to go cup in hand. Inside..the cup was half full of confetti. You should have seen the smile on our daughter's face! He made her night!

    I left a comment card at City Hall for both Kimberly and Pete..but, if anyone knows how I can write a letter or emailing further singing their praises...please let me know. People like this..make WDW special. And they still make me smile four weeks after our trip!

    We left MK after Wishes and headed back to the hotel to tuck ourselves in. The next day was a slow day..and a luau at the Poly.


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      Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

      OMG.. yes the penguins are cool but... OMG... that chocolate... must....look...away....

      Help me get more security in Pingvinivlle! Click here!

      Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
      all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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        Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

        Wow, it looks like you guys had a really good time. I love that the horse is sticking his tongue out. I can't wait to see more photos.


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          Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

          I LOVE your trip report so far!! Keep up the great work!

          one hundred and one


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            Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

            i love it so far KRis:bow:

            Friends for life


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              Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

              What a cute family. Can't wait to see more!
              "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


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                Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                Thursday, Sept.3.....

                That morning, we got up and went to Downtown Disney. We had been there to eat Dinner at T-Rex the night we hit Typhoon Lagoon. We liked it so much, we decided to go have lunch there.

                J loves dinosaurs, so she was excited to go back. Tuesday night, she made a little friend....a pterodactyl at the Build a Dino workshop. She named her little friend, Teri...and he ended up following us to the parks on most days.

                The restaurant was really cute!

                I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't nearly as loud at the Rainforest Cafe. Still, our server joked that she had to ride home without the radio on....just to have a little peace and quiet after her shift.

                The ceiling is painted too, and every 15 mins a meteor shower takes place. The dinos come to life and start roaring, and the ice cave changes colors. It's really great.

                After eating, we wandered over to the gift shop. There, the kiddo and hubby decided to become paleontologists.

                As I left them to play and walked through the giftshop; I noticed bags of dirt. Turns out, you can buy different bags of dirt for $5 and take them outside and pan through them. Each bag is labeled as either gem, fossil or mineral. I bought a gem and fossil and the nice lady at the counter helped J and Hubby sift through them.

                She actually got some really cool stuff...

                When it was time to leave, J noticed a machine making ALOT of noise. It was a geode cracker...and of course..she HAD to do this. So, we bought her a Geode...and she got to crackin.

                Her geode actually cracked into lots of pieces...but, what does it matter? It'll just sit on a shelf in her room. And she was happy just to make the machine make that loud popping noise. What kid doesn't jump at the chance to make alot of noise?

                You can't go to Downtown Disney without walking around...and since the weather made a turn for the better...we did.

                Doesn't my husband play the part of "tourist" wonderfully? Hawaiian shirt, camera bag, flip flops. LOL

                Soon, it was time to head back to the hotel. We changed clothes and headed over to the Poly. Our luau started at 8, and we checked in and were given very pretty (but, fake) leis. We were happy to see a photopass guy next to the beautiful fountain and stopped for a second to have our picture taken.

                The luau was really nice. The food was good...and the entertainment...though a bit cheesy at times...was great. Our daughter kept asking when the fire guy was going to come out..and then when he finally did; she was too busy playing with the glow cube that came in hubby's drink; to pay attention. Kids! Geesh! The best part was when the ladies came out into the audience to pick luau partners. Hubby got picked and went up there and tried his best to hula. It was hilarious!

                it's was lots of fun, though and we hope to take my parents on our next trip. After that, we headed back to the hotel...the next day was another lazy day.

                Friday, Sept. 4.....

                We slept in and then hubby and kiddo headed to the pool while I did some laundry. I ended up wandering the hotel grounds and snapping pictures in between loads of clothes.

                the Music and Movies resorts were okay...but, me and hubby both felt let down. We agreed that Pop was our favorite and we regretted not staying there this time. We definately won't be staying at the All Stars again.

                After the swim, and was time for J's tea party at the Grand Floridian with the Mad Hatter and Alice!

                We had never been here before, and it was a very pretty hotel. I thought it was a little strange that the parking was SO far away...but, eh...we were just there for a tea party.

                We checked J in, and headed off. The tea party was just for this gave me and hubby a chance for a quiet lunch. We headed to the little quick service cafe since we only had an hour. The food was decent..and after a quick stroll, it was time to pick her up. She had a great time decorating cupcakes and a souvenir tea cup. She even got to fill it with flowers. She loved every minute of it.

                Back to the hotel we went. Time to get ready for MNSSHP!!!!

                We were SO excited when we found out that the first party would be during our stay. We've been the last two years..but, because we couldn't go in October this year, we figured we'd miss out. Hubby only had one stipulation this year. He didn't want our costumes to match. Party pooper. The first year, I was Alice, he was the Mad Hatter and J was the Queen of Hearts. Last year, we were all pirates. So, this year...we all picked whatever we wanted to be.

                Hubby was Maccus from POTC....

                He was a HUGE hit at the party. Everyone we passed made a comment on his costume. He got stopped everywhere he went, and asked for pictures. A Cm even took a picture with him. LOL. Poor thing was suffering was SO hot and the mask was suffocating him. He kept having to take it off in the restroom and wipe it out. He said he thought he lost a few pounds in his head that night. But, he toughed it out and wore it all night!

                The kiddo was the tightrope walker from HM.

                She picked out this costume herself. Her favorite ride is HM...and after she saw ClockworkMonkey's trip report last year with his wife as the tightrope walker...that's ALL she could talk about. So, with his wife's permission..we copied her outfit. J was determined to be authentic and wouldn't smile in any pictures. She had to look like the lady. She was disappointed later though, nobody recognized her. Little girls kept asking who she was or calling her Mary Poppins. But, the HM Cm's knew who she was and were SO excited about her costume!

                One totally made her night, and told her to beware of crocodiles as we boarded the ride.

                Madame Collatta (sp?) and Regatta knew who she was..and they were gracious enough to take a picture with "the little tightrope girl" as they called her.

                These ladies were great. And being from Louisiana myself...I can appreciate their Southern accents and humor. Madame Colatta insisted that the ball inside was for her, and she had just stepped outside to catch a of fresh air. They were one of our favorite things at the party.

                I was a modern version of the Evil Queen...

                excuse the fuzziness....I just borrowed my avatar.

                We ended up having a great time...we always do. The parties at WDW are fantastic and a great way to see the park when it's less crowded. Plus, the candy is a nice touch. Heehee

                We ended the night with McDonald's drivethru, showers and bed. The next day was a busy one! No more lazy days and sleeping in!


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                  Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                  Saturday, Sept. 5....

                  I don't know what we were thinking....but, we got up early Saturday morning and headed over to Epcot for breakfast with the princesses in Norway. We were exhausted from the night before...although we perked up as soon as we got some yummy food!

                  Obligatory Space Ship Earth pic...

                  Kiddo at breakfast with her favorite princess...

                  J was already bugging us to ride Figment...since that's her favorite ride at Epcot. Four years ago..Figment stole her heart and became one of her favorite characters. She always brings her little Figment stuffed animal on Disney trips..and he made it on this trip too.

                  I promise...I do actually brush my kid's hair. It just doesn't last long.

                  We rode all the rides we were looking forward to...Test Track, Space Ship Earth, Soarin', and Three amigos. Then, headed back to the hotel for a quick nap.

                  After our recharging, we headed back over to the Magic Kingdom. Tonight they were having SpectroMagic. And, it's just not a WDW vacation without at least one viewing of this great parade.

                  After the parade, we left and went back to the hotel and to bed. Another early, busy day tomorrow.

                  Sunday, Sept. 6....

                  Once again..we didn't use our brains and made a reservation for Tusker House at breakfast. We all ended up WAY too tired to go, so, I woke up early and was on hold for an hour to cancel. I finally was able to cancel...only 10 mins before the actual reservation. At least hubby and the kid got an extra hour of sleep. LOL

                  After a quick breakfast downstairs, we headed to the Animal Kingdom. As we entered the gates..hubby saw something special...

                  We had never seen Brer Rabit and Brer Bear, we HAD to stop for autographs and pictures. Ever since I was little, I've loved the story of Brer, I had to get a picture too!

                  our daughter was SO excited cause she was finally tall enough for Everest. So, that was our first stop. She says she liked it..but, she was in no hurry to ride again. We went and rode of her favorites, and she loved the gift shop. She ended up buying another little friend here. A T-Rex she named Rexxy. She carried him around for the next few days.

                  After a quick safari, we did something we've never done before...went to Rafiki's planet watch. We HAD to do this since BarbaraAnn said Jiminy Cricket hangs out there. Our daughter LOVES JC (as she calls him) and we knew she'd love to meet him.

                  Only took us 7 trips to WDW to finally meet him. LOL

                  this was a nice little place to visit. There's tons of hidden Mickeys around the building..painted into the murals. And it's REALLY difficult to spot them. Hubby beat me in our little competition. But, I got a chuckle out of the little baby rats they were raising there. Their names were Tyler and Perry. Being an Aerosmith fan..I can appreciate such genius names.

                  I also loved the giant porcupine they had on stage. He was adorable...and I tried to talk hubby into getting one as a pet. Unfortunately...he just wasn't having it.

                  After he train ride back, we headed out of the park and to Disney Hollywood Studios.

                  There were some really great street performers....

                  we recognized her from last year...

                  We hadn't seen these guys before...but they were absolutely hilarious!

                  They were SO funny, in fact..we decided to come back the next morning just to watch them perform again. They were the Hollywood Public Works and if you pass them on the street, definately stop and watch. It's totally worth it.

                  If only to try and spot the hidden Mickey on Sparky's face...

                  We split up and the kid and hubby went to ride ToT...which you will never see me riding. I went to Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster...and went through the single rider line twice. I learned last trip that 2 is my limit, I start feeling woozy on trip 3. ICK.

                  We tried twice to ride Midway Mania...but, both times, the waiting time was over an hour. So, we decided to try again tomorrow. We walked through the shops, and I spotted something..

                  Fitting, since I call her "gremlin".

                  We tried to make it to the first showing of 8:30, but at 7:30 it was standing room only. So, we wandered around the park...and actually rode the Great Movie Ride. I have to say..the Wizard of Oz skit is much scarier than the Alien one. But, then...I'm not a fan of the Wizard of Oz. Me and hubby clapped for the witch..and drew some funny looks from a few fellow riders.

                  Then, off to Fantasmic. We got there at 10:05 and it was already packed. We couldn't believe it. But, we could miss it either. We got seats right up in front. We loved the show, of course. We headed to the hotel after it ended and looked forward to another day at DHS and Epcot.
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                    Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                    Stitchy you can let J know I am also an AVID figment fan. I have a couple of stuffed figments that I won't get rid of. LOL.


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                      Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                      What a great TR! The anniversary t-shirts turned out awesome, as did your costumes. More, more!


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                        Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                        Thank you all SO much for your kind comments!

                        Monday, Sept.7......

                        We started the day off back at DHS. We wanted to ride Midway Mania and check out another show by the Hollywood Public Works. We saw these guys three times...and every time, it was a different skit. They were really great!

                        We never did get to ride Midway Mania...we got there an hour after park opening, and the wait time was already an hour and a half. Fast pass return wasn't until 3:15. And we would be in Epcot by then. Oh well.

                        We headed over to Epcot, and on our way in...we spotted these guys!

                        I don't think we had ever seen Daisy before....this was a nice surprise!

                        I was SO excited to see my favorite character...we hadn't seen him yet. And what would a Stitchy trip be without a Stitch picture?

                        Now, if I could just figure out a way to sneak Stitch and Capt Jack out of the parks and into my car.....

                        We headed straight over to the special Disney Visa meet and greet...

                        Ended up being one of my favorite pictures of the trip. I love this meet. Such a nice way to meet the characters without the huge lines.

                        After that, we rode our favorites again. After riding the three jalepenos (as J calls them) for the second time, we wandered into the Arribas Brothers shop where the man was making sea turtles out of glass. J was amazed and stood there (surprisingly quiet) the whole time he worked.

                        After that, we split up as hubby went back to the room to nap and me and the kiddo walked over to Japan. One of her favorite things to do is the pearl oysters. Last year, she got beautiful twin pearls. I'm going to have them made into earrings for her as soon as I can trust her with REAL pearl earrings. LOL. This time, she got a gorgeous 7 3/4 pink pearl. She was SO excited.

                        We met Dad right outside Japan on the benches and watched Illuminations. Then, headed back to the hotel...looking forward to our last day at WDW...and wishing there was more.
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                          Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                          Great trip report. Looks like a ton of fun.
                          Originally posted by Grumpee
                          I only care for Disney bling!


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                            Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                            Oh my gosh! Such a cute TR. I love your costumes for Not So Scary
                            And your daughter is adorable!


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                              Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                              Majorly cute, especially LilStichy! She's going to have so many great pictures when she's older to remember all these happy memories.


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                                Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                                Thank you all for checking out my trip report! I'm SO glad you're enjoying it!

                                Tuesday, Sept. 8....

                                Today was our last day at WDW. It's seems vacation just flies by. We had such a good time, and would have so many wonderful memories from this trip. But, it wasn't over yet....there were still some memories to be made.

                                Our day started with us getting to MK bright and early. We stopped in at Main Street's bakery for breakfast. Those cinnamon buns are addictive! Right after breakfast, we headed to the castle. J had something special waiting for her!

                                J's not much of a girly girl, but last year she noticed all the little girls with their hair and makeup done...and she wanted to try it. We took her to a little girl's salon for her birthday, but, let's face's not Disney.

                                So, our last day, we made early morning reservations at Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.

                                I felt SO sorry for the lady doing her hair. J's hair was SO long and tangles SO took forever for her to comb it out. J did pretty good sitting still...but, it wasn't long till she decided that making funny faces every time I took her picture was more fun than being a plain old princess.

                                I swear...she looks like Wanda from In Living Color in that last picture. Crazy girl!

                                After she was all painted, made up and coiffed she looked adorable.

                                Of course...even I have my gushy mommy, I dragged her to the front of the castle for a few pictures. She was less than thrilled with this idea..

                                Which just goes to can dress a gremlin like a princess...but, you can't make her act like a princess. LOL

                                We saw the parade coming, so we wandered down by the Plaza to watch it. We actually didn't make it a point to see any parades except Spectromagic on this trip. Watching the clock, and trying to squeeze in every parade and show can get kinda stressful. We wanted to take our time and really relax on this trip. Since we happened on this parade..we stopped and watched. We were surprised at all the characters you don't normally see. Like the Mad Hatter, and Frozone.

                                Then, we headed over to AdventureLand to ride pirates, the Jungle Cruise and check out the Tiki room one more time. On our way over, we saw this guy..

                                Last year, J was chosen to go up and sword fight with Capt. Jack. It was another great memory watching them try to figure out what she was saying. I'll never forget Capt Jack telling Mack that he wasn't going to repeat what he think she just said. Still makes me giggle. J did get chosen this time to go up and get a pirate certificate. She wasted no time in telling Capt Jack that her cat was named after him. Of course, he had to tell everyone about that. It was very cute.

                                After that, we wandered through FantasyLand. We hadn't rode Snow White yet, and J wanted one more ride on the carousel.

                                She loves the carousel and always keeps an eye out for Cinderella's horse. By then, as you can see...she had shed her Aurora costume.

                                On to TomorrowLand we went. We were SO disappointed that the People Mover didn't open up on time. That's one of our favorite rides. Poor J was SO disappointed that Space Mt was shut down. She was finally tall enough to ride it. But, we assured her that we would be back...and she could ride it as many times as she wants then.

                                As we walked through, we saw this..

                                We stopped and watch this talented guy create Sorcerer Mickey. We complimented him after he was finished, and turns out he was there on the college program from LSU. Even more amazing...he's from a small town only about an hour away from where me and hubby grew up. What a small world!

                                Once we got to TomorrowLand..we rode Buzz and had to ride hubby's favorite one more time...

                                The Carousel of Progress. Hubby just loves this attraction. And, I know it says no photography...but, after it was over I couldn't resist just ONE picture...

                                Of course...once she woke up, she was ready to go! We headed back over to Frontier Land. Hubby and the kiddo decided to go check out the Hall of Presidents. I declined and went to HM instead. When they got out, we HAD to have a funnel cake from Sleepy Hollow. Once you smell them, you can't turn one down. YUMMY!

                                Now it was time for the kiddo's favorites. First, HM. Ever since the first time she rode it at 3 years old, she's loved this ride. We always have to ride it multiple times. I think it's hilarious that at 6, she knows the story behind the ride and recognizes Master Gracey, Constance and Madam Leota.

                                After that, her other two favorites...

                                Big Thunder Mt.

                                Where, she continued to make funny faces.

                                And...Splash Mt. Which we rode three times in a row. She wanted a fourth...but, we talked her into a ride on the train instead.

                                We took the train to Main Street, where we split up. Dad went to grab a spot for Wishes, and me and the kiddo went for our trip tradition; a ride on the teacups...just the two of us. Ever since our second trip, three years ago..we've made it a point to ride this together as the very last ride of our trip. She played in Pooh's playground for a few mins, and I took her to meet hubby, while I did a little shopping.

                                We ended our night with Wishes, and as we exited the park..hubby continued another tradition...he promised to bring me back.

                                We rode the ferry, watching MK disappear into the distance and explaining to J for the nine millionth time why we couldn't live at Disney World.

                                We had a wonderful time on vacation this year, as you can tell. We absolutely love Disney World. We keep saying we're taking a couple years off, but, then...we've said that after our past 3 trips. We're planning our next trip for the anniversary in 2011, but, we're also hoping to get stationed close enough to visit whenever we want. Who knows what the future holds?

                                We ended our vacation by spending 3 days at my parent's house in Louisiana. We had a great time visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast; where we lived for 5 years, and eating all our favorite Southern poboys and beignets.

                                We made it back home on Sunday, Sept. 13.

                                I hope you all enjoyed my trip report. Thanks for looking!


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                                  Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                                  Your trip reports are always fantastic! J is SO adorable, even when she makes those silly faces. That pic of her in front of the castle cracks me up. Too cute. Glad you guys had a great time and I'm sure Jack is glad you're back home too!
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                                    Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                                    Great TR!
                                    Good morning, son
                                    In twenty years from now
                                    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                                    And I can tell you 'bout today
                                    And how I picked you up and everything changed
                                    It was pain
                                    Sunny days and rain
                                    I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                                      Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                                      Originally posted by PretzelSouls View Post
                                      Your trip reports are always fantastic! J is SO adorable, even when she makes those silly faces. Too cute. Glad you guys had a great time and I'm sure Jack is glad you're back home too!
                                      Yes, Jack (our much beloved cat) was very happy to have us home. He stayed at my parent's house while we were gone. Their two cats didn't much appreciate the arrival of a new cat. Neither of them paid him any attention, even though he would follow them around..trying to make friends. Garfield, finally turned around once and meowed at Jack...but, that was the only reaction he got. So, Jack was very happy to come home.


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                                        Re: Stitchy's anniversary trip!

                                        Wonderful TR! I'm so sorry we couldn't come out to spend some time with you. Next time for certain!


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