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TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09


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  • Trip Report TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

    Hey folks!

    Well, I'd have posted this sooner but I came down with a horrid cold as soon as I returned! *cough wheeze*

    We stayed in the Fort Wilderness Cabins, they were very cozy! heh....smaller than I expected at least. Myself, my boyfriend, my cousin and her boyfriend, my other cousin and my friend who works at DLR were my crew. 6 people, what a crowd!

    Day 1 - Animal Kingdom

    We started our day by heading to get breakfast in Africa and decided to go straight to the Kilimanjaro Safari from there.

    My friend who works at DLR said Expedition Everest was the absolute best of the best so we headed directly there next. Caught Turk walking off on the way!

    And of course, the majestic Tree of Life.

    And the ruins here were gorgeous, and had surprise Monkeys!

    Thar she blows!
    My friend was right, this ride was amazing and the only one we actually went on twice on the trip! I got an adorable shirt which you will see in later pictures. This is the most thrilling Disney ride I've ever experienced, they tend not to go for large drops or anything. The roller coaster enthusiast in me was pleased as punch.

    Off to Dinosaur next, hey Sue!

    The girls in the group had to get eaten by a cousin, Me, my friend, and my other cousin!

    Afterward we headed to see Finding Nemo the Musical! It was super cute.

    Next, off to Festival of the Lion King, this was SO AMAZING!!! Seriously, LOVED this.

    Ran across Thumper on the way, that was super surprising and so cute!

    After this most of our party got extremely tired and decided to head home, it was about closing so we headed to Rafiki's Planet Watch since it promised a petting zoo of exotic animals. Exotic meaning...goats and sheep. lol! But there were a couple of gorgeous birds! Couldn't pet those though.

    TINY owl!

    From here the park closed and we decided to head to Magic Kingdom to catch Spectromagic and Wishes Fireworks! We got there really early bit it was INSANELY busy since it only occurs 3 times a week this time of year. We couldn't find any quick snacks as we hadn't eaten in ages and became pretty upset. 45 mins before Spectromagic I sent my boyfriend to scout out a place nearby and he, of course, couldn't make it back in time and someone managed to shove his food tray and spill the soda all over him so we were all in a down mood at that point. To top it all off, MK crowd control doesn't care if you have your children on your shoulders or if you climb on trashcans, so there was this MASSIVE crowd of people with kids on their shoulders in front of me and kids on trashcans and on benches and I couldn't see anything but the tops of the floats. -_- It was very depressing. At least the Chernabog float was tall and awesome. I dont even know what the between float performers or anything looked like.

    At DLR they all make you sit down so the people behind you can see, and collapse strollers. I wasn't too impressed by the parade as it was though, kinda felt Vegas-esque. lol The fireworks were a lot like the ones that DLR had as well only less entertaining, minus Julie Andrews and minus the ride music.

    Battery died on the way but I got a cool blurry shot from the boat on the way to MK.

    Well, that's day 1, Ill post the rest of the days separately later! I also have a TON more photos than this and will post the link to my photobucket at the end.

    I do, however, have a bunch of videos also at my Youtube: YouTube - thegr8k8's Channel
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    Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

    I WISH they made people sit down during Wishes and SpectroMagic. As it is, you have to camp out HOURS ahead of time to get a decent seat. And, even better not have a member of your party get up for any reason...or, someone is going to shove their kid in that spot. That's my biggest headache at the parks.

    It looks like you had a great time besides that. And, you saw Thumper! I've NEVER seen Thumper!


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      Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

      wow, we're going next year thankyou for your trip report!
      i really want to met thumper!!


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        Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

        OMG I was there the same time as you! I would have been shocked if you captured me on film but alas you did not. I wonder if I caught you on picture format. ;o)


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          Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

          cant wait for the next part! gj!!

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            Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09


            OMG He's so cute!!!


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              Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

              AHHH! I know! Thumper is like, ADORABLE and so under appreciated. I just about died when I saw him, I was squeeling and freaking out and my group was like "yeah...ok." >_<

              I will post day 2 as soon as I have time!

              Day 2 - Magic Kingdom and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
              Day 3 - Seaworld
              Day 4 - Hollywood Studios
              Day 5 - Epcot
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                Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                I don't think I've ever seen the Thumper character. Very nice!

                Look forward to day 2!


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                  Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                  Looks awesome! Can't wait to see more. I really miss Animal Kingdom
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                    Day 2

                    Day 2 - Magic Kingdom and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

                    I have to get crackin on this trip report!

                    I was surprised to see the pumpkins and whatnot, I had thought people on here told me they didn't do anything but bunting! Super cute pumpkins, but not as cute as DLR's gate display.

                    Randomly saw the Mayor and a group of performers, they were awesome.

                    The castle is SO huge here, and gorgeous!

                    I must say, I prefer MK's Tomorrowland over DLR's, it's SO much cooler looking.

                    Photopass opp!

                    My cousin, me, my boyfriend and my other cousin's boyfriend.

                    Time to hit the parade!
                    There was a Snow White DVD release pre-parade, very cute.

                    J. Worthington Foulfellow decided to pose and be cute for me.

                    Asking for cheers, then asking for Cinderella boos.

                    Loved the scarecrow decor!

                    And Minnie as a princess!

                    Time for Dream Along with Mickey, we caught a proposal here!

                    Maleficent always ruins the fun.

                    Donald says NO.

                    Off to Adventureland, careful, they spit.

                    The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management time, this was cute, but only because I've seen the original. Otherwise it's kinda lame.

                    Jungle Cruise, wow this one was way better than DLR and the lady we got was hilarious!

                    The usual joke, the only place you can see this amazing sight! The back side of water, DISNEY.

                    At this point my camera passed out. The batteries were all dead and I saved what tiny amounts of juice I had for the Halloween Party. Though we did buy a Splash Mountain pic!

                    Finally the day ended and we had to get into costume, we had stowed our costumes in lockers at the beginning of the day so we could change into them in the park. I dresed up as a Lady Pirate, my boy was a Pirate, my cousin was a kitty, my friend was a fallen angel in a wheelchair, my other cousin was a fairy and her boyfriend was an inmate. (which we made sure was ok. lol) It was such a total blast dressing up in the park! We trick or treated but the place was a mad house so we hit Philharmagic and the Haunted Mansion, the ghost outside had an awesome accent and a beautiful fan, I complimented her on it as I had one with my costume, she liked mine too. I liked HM at MK a lot, it was gorgeous! Mickey's Philharmagic was awesome also!

                    We hit the Villains stage show, Hallowishes Fireworks and the Boo To You parade next, I had to save battery though so I didn't get as many pictures of everything as I'd have liked to!

                    Then my camera started acting up, it would take one photo but the next it would not respond, the battery was horribly dead but I managed to squeeze some awesome pics of this parade out of it!

                    Though she does look kinda scary. >_< Poor snow.

                    My camera would NOT let me get a good picture of Barbosa, but it was okay because he saw me grinning like a fool in my pirate gear and came over and took my hand and bowed. *SQUEE* IT WAS AWESOME. ^_^ I got a LOT of Piratical attention in this costume at the parade!

                    All he had to do was this pose and we all went nuts and screamed.

                    Sherrif of Nottingham!

                    All in all the Halloween party was very much worth it, I had a blast, but I hated having to rush. After the parade we went on Big Thunder and then headed out of the park.

                    And that's the end of day two! Phew, so many pictures! ETA: I didn't get any of my costume, but my friends did. They just fail and haven't uploaded any yet.
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                      Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                      Great TR.
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                        Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                        great pics so far!


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                          Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                          Great TR!!!
                          Thumper! :love:
                          I'd love to see your costumes
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                            Day 3 and 4

                            Day 3 - Seaworld

                            I had some more time so I figured I'd toss on the photos from Day 3 and 4.

                            Day 3 was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend so we decided to head to Seaworld as I'd never been and I'm a HUGE collector of all things nautical and love animals/sea animals, just everything oceanic and sea-tastic. I know it's not Disney related but oh well!

                            To get there from Ft. Wilderness we had to take a bus to take a boat to Magic Kingdom. Then take the monorail to the transit center then take a city bus called Lynx to Seaworld. It took over an hour! This was one of the hottest days while we were in FL and Seaworld has NO SHADE. I was dyin. We kept having to duck into restaurants so I could stop dying. lol

                            They had a great deal for $30 you get a wristband and get unlimited buffet food and bottles of water all day! I wish Disney would do this. It saved so much money and time and the food wasn't half bad. There were like 4-6 restaurants that you could choose from too and they had carved meat and everything.

                            Anyhoo, first thing we ran across was the dolphins!

                            Then we went to see a show called Pets Ahoy and I could not stop giggling at this concept, I don't know if i was delirious from the heat or what. It's Seaworld and they have a show with trained cats and dogs, a goose, a rat and a pig! lol It was actually pretty impressive.

                            Then we headed to see a show with Dolphins and a Beluga Whale. I forget what it was called but it featured a "little girl" having a dream or something and it had an aerial acrobat dressed like a parrot and two guys dressed like buzzards. It also had real parrots and a buzzard.

                            Seaworld recently debuted their new roller coaster, The Manta, it was AMAZING. You sit down in this incredibly snug restraint and then little things close over your ankles and it picks you up from behind so you're facing downward. It's amazing and REALLY FAST and scary!

                            Scorpionfish (yes, it looks like a lion fish but it IS a scorpion fish. )



                            We hit up the Shamu Believe show just before they closed.

                            This part he pretended to be scared, it was cute.

                            In comparison Shamu IS HUGE!

                            Can't leave out the SPLASH!

                            Seaworld was fun, we also went on the Kraken roller coaster but it was too dang hot to hit Journey to Atlantis and wait in line or anything, the lines at Manta were non-existent and Kraken was short. It was just SO amazingly hot that day. Had to be upper 90s.

                            Day 4 - Hollywood Studios

                            Day four we hit Hollywood Studios and it was really fun! I loved it.

                            We ate at the Sci Fi Dine In, it was so fun and cute! You eat in this little car thing and theres a big screen and it's made up to look like a 50s drive in.

                            OMFG this is one of my favorite movies ever, I love Mermaids. I just freaked out when I saw this! SO cool! I want it!

                            Next up hit the backlot tram ride, I have a bunch of pics but I'm running out of steam. Here's my favorites:

                            The cage from POTC!

                            Catastrophe Canyon I think?

                            Flight of the Navigator!!

                            Davey Jones's Organ!

                            Enchanted costume!

                            Went to Voyage of the Little Mermaid next, this was so cute and surprising since it rained.

                            Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! This was AWESOME. I love Indiana Jones though so even more awesome. It was weird though, it was like the final show and the merch store was closed but the park wasn't closing for hours....

                            There was a mini-Indy and he was adorable!

                            It's the dress from Shakespeare in Love!

                            The Great Movie Ride!

                            Time for Rockn Rollercoaster! Boy was this surprisingly good, I had no idea it went upside down!

                            But we did pose!

                            We hit Fantasmic and it was a complete cluster of humans, it was ridiculously crowded. It was also pretty much impossible for me to photograph.

                            As you can see. lol

                            Alrighty, out of energy for this lol last day is Epcot! We went to see Sister Hazel in concert at the Eat To the Beat concert series.
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                              Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                              Great, great TR!!

                              I love how the Dream Along with Mickey stage show pics (1st one) shows them half blinking. I got a nice laugh. :P

                              Glad you liked our MK. You might think it's one of the most horrible places on Earth to read what some people say, but it really is a nice place.

                              one hundred and one


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                                Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                                I am loving reading about your trip. The pictures are great. It makes me wish I was there right now!

                                I've been curious about MNSSH for awhile. My friends say it's dumb but I always thought it would be fun. I love Haunted Mansion it's my favorite ride which might be why I think it would be so much fun.

                                I absolutely LOVE Sci-Fi it's my favorite place to eat. I don't think the food is great but there is nothing more fun than sitting in the car eating and watching bad movies!


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                                  Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                                  The Haunted Mansion is awesome during MNSSH, they have two ghostly ladies who come out and talk about random things and people in the queue, theres a bench outside. I think they even add lighting and fog outside the mansion.
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                                    Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                                    Great report! I'm so jealous that WDW has thumper and a TON more characters! You'd think a park t hat attracts locals would do a better job in that dept.

                                    Oh and hahaha... this looks like the "we just woke up" show:

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                                      Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                                      hahaha Yes, I love that picture. Goofy sends me into a giggle fit every time I look at it.

                                      Seriously, somebody go find our new Disneyland pres and tell him to get more characters pronto! I want to see more Hercules and Tarzan and Atlantis and all those awesome under appreciated films in there! Hunchback!
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                                        Re: TheGr8K8's WDW Trip 10/4/09-10/9/09

                                        Amazing TR! Love the MK pics!
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