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Favorite MNSSHP costume?


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  • [Fun] Favorite MNSSHP costume?

    Pretty self explanatory title. What has been the best/most unique costume you've seen at MNSSHP this year, or even in the past years?

    Two years ago, we saw a young girl dressed as "pre makeover" Cinderella. I thought that was very creative.

    This year, we saw Clockworkmonkey's friend dressed as Snow White's hag. I had never seen that before. VERY cool!

    And, in the hub while waiting for HalloWishes, I saw Gilligan, the Skipper, the Professor, Maryann and Ginger! I thought those were great!

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    Re: Favorite MNSSHP costume?

    Hands down, it was the family of four dressed as the Carousel of Progress family in the final scene. I spotted them in the Haunted Mansion stretching room and with their permission snapped their picture.

    My second favorite has to be the small boy dressed as Pinocchio complete with strings and handle to control his limbs.
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      Re: Favorite MNSSHP costume?

      oh my gosh!!!! THAT is fabulous!!! How creative! Dressing as the CoP!


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