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ALL YOU CAN EAT Pass @ Disneyland Resort


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  • [Question] ALL YOU CAN EAT Pass @ Disneyland Resort

    Hey guys,

    I am wondering do you think Disneyland Resort should offer the "All you can eat All Day pass?"

    Every time I would go to Universal Studios Hollywood, I would buy myself an all you can eat pass. I love to eat. I would get a lot of food ranging from Panda Express, Pizza hut, Doc Fried Chicken, Pasta, Lasagna, etc. Basically all the QUICK SERVICE.

    That is the reason why I keep going to USH because of the that. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't be going to USH because I've seen all the show already.

    At USH the all you can eat pass range from 21.00 to 26.00 depending on the season.

    If Disneyland was to offer that, how much would they charge for it? And where can you eat?

    OH shoot! WRONG FORUM. Supposed to be in the Disneyland Forum. If you guys decided to answer this, just substitute "Disneyland" for "Walt Disney World or Magic Kingdom"
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    Re: ALL YOU CAN EAT Pass @ Disneyland Resort

    I recently went to WDW and Seaworld and purchased the $30 unlimited food/beverage wristband. WDW should TOTALLY do this and $30 per park would be good in my opinion, or a discounted all parks for $100 or something (not including water parks.) This, like Seaworld, would not be all food vendors but only certain restaurants with cafeteria style food.

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      Re: ALL YOU CAN EAT Pass @ Disneyland Resort

      Why not, that seems to be the trend nowadays............

      A-E Tickets gave way to All-You-Can-Ride admission .

      Single Day tickets, while still offered, are giving way to All-You-Can-Visit Annual Passes.

      Why not have a stuff-your-face-all-you-can-eat-park-wide-buffet????

      Of course, don't expect the food to get any fact, it probably will get worse(if that's possible).

      There's a reason we have not seen a new E-ticket attraction built at Disneyland since 1995......same reason you don't see Lobster and Truffles at all you can eat buffets
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