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  • [Pictures] Spaceship Earth Original Artwork

    Today we take a close look at the original concept art for Epcot's flagship attraction, Spaceship Earth.

    We begin with the fantastic Herb Ryman painting (above) showing the exterior scene of the attraction.

    The following renderings are from the beginning of the story - Cro-magnon cave painting sequence.

    It seems that a scene with dinosaurs was considered before being canceled.

    Here is the rendering of the Egyptian temple sequence.

    This one is for the Phoenician scene.

    We have lots more pictures of Spaceship Earth, including some rare original art, on our partner site Disney & More. Then head back here and let us know what you think.

    Disney and more: Spaceship Earth Original Artwork

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    Re: Spaceship Earth Original Artwork

    With all the change at Epcot over the years, I'm just glad that they have kept Spaceship Earth and continue to give it updates and love.

    Beautiful artwork. Love the Herb Ryman painting at the top. He's one of my absolute faves.
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