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10/16 Observations

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  • 10/16 Observations

    I got my AP today and metup with bill... We went around MK and epcot...

    we ridden on:
    Snow White(we died.. and came back. lol)...
    Haunted Mansion full circuit...
    Pirates of the Carribbean(Cannot wait for rehab.)...
    Jungle Cruise(William was a great skipper.. and had a WDW 25th anniversary badge on..)...
    IASWait.. we skipped that.. No BPF.. no need to ride it.. (lol)
    COP (Rain effect was not working..)
    TTA (it was ok..)
    and Space Mountain (New music at the end queue.. it sounds like the slow lift music from DL's SM)

    Then we all went to Epcot...
    I got on like nothing.. no need.. We got a photo..

    Walked around.. got some pins.. and left for home.. I might return later this week... or next week...

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    Re: 10/16 Observations

    Sounds like you had a good time.