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WDW Resort Dining question...


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  • WDW Resort Dining question...

    I noticed that the WDW parks do not appear to have any sit-down restaurants that serve breakfast (NON-Character Breakfasts, that is!).

    I'll be staying at Wilderness Lodge in December, and their one breakfast place borders on Character-breakfast, what with their annoyingly "outrageous" servers; will there be any problems with me eating at the other resorts? I'm mainly curious about the parking situation (I'll have a car and don't mind driving around the resort)...

    Also, I heard about the new "100% Priority Seating" problems. I'll be there at the beginning of December (Dec 3 - 10), and certain members of my party aren't too hot on killing the spontaneity by being locked into specific restaurants at specific times/days.

    My question is: is early December off-season enough to allow same-day reservations to be made, or to go at non-peak times without reservations (like, say, 3pm for dinner)?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: WDW Resort Dining question...

    Include me in the list of people interested in what others have experienced with getting into restaurants without prior arrangements, particularly since the 'free dining' promotion is now over. (We're going to overlap one day, BoogaFrito - I leave on Dec 4)

    I never had a problem eating at other resorts. Just tell the guard what you're doing. With a parking pass, you shouldn't have any issues, though they might give you a time-limit pass for that resort (particularly if it's a monorail resort).

    Isn't there a food court in the Wilderness Lodge? I find them to be nice non-character based breakfast locales that don't take too much touring time!


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      Re: WDW Resort Dining question...

      Hmmm you know, I think the only place I ever had breakfast was at the Polynesian in their little snack shop. I mean dont get me wrong I love the character meals, and I am a 31yo adult. But sometimes I just want to have my breakfast and go.

      Your best bet is to check WDW's site and see what kind of dining options they offer at the resorts in and around the 7 seas lagoon.


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        Re: WDW Resort Dining question...

        I'll be there from the 1st -11th. I already made quite a few reserverations, but not where we originally planned. The problem was that many locations were already booked up so I ended up making reserverations for everyday just to be safe.


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          Re: WDW Resort Dining question...

          Like Drince said.. parking is no problem.. just tell them you're going to eat..
          If you are staying on the grounds, transportation starts running early enough for you to get to the other resorts, and also if you valet your car at the hotel you're staying at, it's valid for all the other hotels.
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            Re: WDW Resort Dining question...

            If you have a car and want to have a nice breakfast at a Disney resort, you have many many choices. The trick is to get out early. I have stayed at the Contemporary and the Beach Club in recent years and they both have restaurants that open about 7:30. You can get delicious meals. Served hot and delicious, cooked to order, off the menu. No need to make a PS. These resort restaurants are not usually crowded. If you want to do a good breakfast buffet, drive over to the Yacht Club. They have an excellent breakfast buffet. About $17. No characters. Just good food. Or if you wish, make a priority seating for Boma at Animal Kingdom and have their breakfast buffet. You can check out Animal Kingdom Lodge, while you are there. One more thing. If I am not mistaken, I think that there is also a restaurant at the Grand Floridian that serves breakfast, without characters.

            I think most people, are caught up in WDW excitement, and they forget to just take their time, in the morning and just enjoy a leisurely breakfast. You will be glad you did. Checking out the Disney website is a good idea.

            Have fun.


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              Re: WDW Resort Dining question...

              We're staying at the WL also. If you get to Whispering Canyon before say 10:00 am it's not so 'wild'. We were there in September 2002 and there were very little crowds, and had no problem walking up to most places. Save for 'Ohanas and dining in the MK on a Saturday night. Of course, the economy is much better now, so who knows.

              I recommend the Kona Cafe at the Poly for breakfast. It's not too complicated to get there from the WL. Also Boma is supposed to be excellent.


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                Re: WDW Resort Dining question...

                Kona Cafe and Boatwright's are great breakfast choices ... Trail's End at FW is pretty decent, basic breakfast fare at a cheap price too.

                I'm at WDW right now, the dining promotion is over and getting a meal without a PS is a very iffy proposition depending on time and location. Disney has really made a mess of things.


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