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  • [Question] Dine with an Imagineer

    I am going to be visiting my counterparts in Florida soon and am contemplating the "Dine with an Imagineer" package. Have any of you done it? Any experiences good or bad would be great. Thnx!

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    Re: Dine with an Imagineer

    What is this? I WANT TO DO THAT!


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      Re: Dine with an Imagineer

      I did this in June '08 for lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby.
      It was an awesome experience for my whole family (though I enjoyed it the most y far)

      I had a lot of fun talking with the Imagineer we ate with and learning a little more about the field. This isn't a private experience, though, there is seating for about 8 guests and the Imagineer and we shared it with another couple.
      It was a lot of fun to talk with them, as well.

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        Re: Dine with an Imagineer

        I've done it twice. The Imagineer and the meal are absolutely fantastic. The problem lies in the group you might be seated with. The first time, I went alone, and the others in the group kept asking dumb questions that the Imagineer couldn't answer. (Could they build this, I have an idea for...). However, the second time was a lot better. More people asking questions about the job, and a lot of stories about the development of the parks.

        I would recommend it in a second. It's a wonderful experience, and I would absolutely do it a third time in the future.

        I just wish they brought back the dinner with an Imagineer at Artist Point. That one I never got to try.
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