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  • [Question] What ever happened to....

    long time reader, first time post-er, (always wanted to say that),
    I am an early eighties baby, and traveled to WDW six times and thrice visted DL before 1996. In April 09 was my first experience as an adult in WDW and i was a little underwhelmed.
    Firstly i was uberly disappointed that my child hood dream of partying at pleasure island was but a few months short of becoming a reality. Alas i will put that beef aside for now, as i had a good sunday night at the HOB, but really feel robbed.
    My questions are two fold. First, one of my favorite things to do was to take the sky way to tommorowland and vise versa..... why did they get rid of that? it was awesome way to chill out and kill 15 mins... and being a child it felt so cool seeing the DW like that.
    Secondly, is it me or have Epcot and DHS not changed much at all since the mid 90s? i mean i all the Arcades i remember at Disney are gone, including the cool one they had on Main Street. Even the magic store is gone! i took my sister there in april and really felt bad for her. MK used to be immensely visionary, but this garbage they use today, especially Tommorowland, kinda sucks. I mean i love Disney stuff, but why dont they ever use their old stuff to sell... I remember when the Disney Channel played stuff from the 60s, 70s.. Good luck seeing those classics today!
    Anyway sorry for the rant. But whatever can someone please tell me about the skyway, and if they still have at DL!
    thanks guys! and im going back in Jan!

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    Re: What ever happened to....

    The skyway has been gone from both parks for quite a while. I believe Disneyland's closed first followed by Walt Disney World. There is no definite reason why they closed. I've heard reasons such as it was expensive to maintain, safety issues, and bad ride capacity.
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      Re: What ever happened to....

      I really really miss the skyway too!


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