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Captian EO is coming.... [to Disneyland]


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  • [Question] Captian EO is coming.... [to Disneyland]

    .... to Disneyland. I have to wonder, is it also coming to Epcot? There has been some rumors to this effect, but nothing solid and so far that announce that they are bringing back this dated, yet fun, 3-D experience seems specifically at Disneyland only.

    Leaving the arguement aside as to weather they should or not.....

    Is it coming to Epcot too and if not.... why not?

    Do only West Coasters appriciate this film?

    Is this another case of WDW using the tired excuse that "its a world destination, not a regional attraction, so we don't do temporary lay overs of attractions".

    I *understand* that arguement in some cases. Please note that understanding it is NOT the same as agreeing with it. That said, if they applied this arguement to HISTA vs. EO.... man, I wouldn't even be able to understand it.

    Well anyway... anyone know more?

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    Re: Captian EO is coming.... [to Disneyland]

    I think it'd be rough to replace HISTA with EO because the Imagination pavilion is pretty unified as the Imagination Institute. As much as I really really dislike HISTA, i do like the unified theme Disney is shooting for there.

    Also, OT a bit, but does anyone find it ironic that Honey, I Shrunk the Audience's crowds keep shrinking?

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      Re: Captian EO is coming.... [to Disneyland]

      I think it may be a west-coast v. east-coast mentality thing. Here on west-coast-oriented MiceChat, people are generally enthusiastic about the upcoming Captain EO. I post on WDW-centered forums as well, and on those forums, people... well, aren't as enthusiastic.

      I think there's also the problem with who this show is playing for. The show at Disneyland is being played for the repeat-visitors of the park, who loved the show in the 80s and early 90s, and would be going for nostalgia purposes. At WDW, most repeat visitors today didn't even start going to the parks until after EO stopped playing. The far majority of guests who go to WDW would have never seen or even heard of Captain EO, and would be surprised and maybe even upset as to why Michael Jackson was playing in Epcot.

      But I myself would like to see him at WDW! As it is, I may now to find a way to make a trip to Disneyland.


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