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Disney Parks During the Holidays


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  • [Question] Disney Parks During the Holidays

    Next year, I have the chance to do something that I've never gotten to do in all of my trips to Walt Disney World: be able to go during the holidays during the first week of December. I was considering going to Disneyland, since I've never been there before and I could kill two birds with one stone. However, I'm not sure of all of the holiday offerings that either of the Resorts offer. I was wondering if anyone could give me an overview of what the Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks offer as far as holiday parades, shows and overlays. Also, if anyone has had the chance to experience both resorts during the holidays, if they could offer opinions on which they found to be better, as far as the holidays are concerned.

    Also, do either of the resorts tend to have performances of Fantasmic during that time of year? I'd love to be able to catch it.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Re: Disney Parks During the Holidays

    Well, the only park at WDW that offers anything substantial during Christmas is the Magic Kingsdom's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It's a hard-ticket event, meaning you have to pay IN ADDITION to your daily admission to that park (we're talking an extra $50+). It's the only way to see the Christmas parade and fireworks until just a few days before Christmas. The party runs select nights from 7pm-midnight, but those who have tickets to the party can start entering the park as early as 4pm. WDW has NO holiday overlays on any of their attractions. There used to be a Christmas version of Country Bears during the holidays, but WDW stopped doing it 3 or 4 years ago, despite a lot of complaints. No Haunted Mansion Holiday, no Small World Holiday... nada. Also, WDW's Fantasmic! only runs once or twice a week now. And their version is terrible compared to Disneyland's.

    At Disneyland, there's the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay at Haunted Mansion, the Christmas overlay at Small World, the Christmas Fantasy parade, their fireworks.... all INCLUDED with your daily admission to the park. Plus you have the superior Fantasmic! show.

    I summary.... GO TO DISNEYLAND.


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      Re: Disney Parks During the Holidays

      I did back to back Christmastime vacations. I was in Disney World in 2007, and Disneyland in 2008. I definitely enjoyed both trips. With that said, if I am ever able to make a trip again in December, I would definitely choose Disneyland. Quite frankly, I love the compactness of the Disneyland resort. Disneyland was absolutely magical for me when I was there. Plus you get the added bonus of perhaps spending some fun times with MiceChatters, especially if you plan your trip to include the weekly noon meet.


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        Re: Disney Parks During the Holidays

        Disneyland... more decorations, better weather, NBC at Haunted Mansion, fresh candy canes, just more festivities in general!!
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          Re: Disney Parks During the Holidays

          I can come up with a lot of things that WDW does better than DL, but Christmas at MK needs an overhaul. I am not happy with the fact that they do not offer any Christmas entertainment to regular day guests. You shouldn't have to pay an extra ticket to experience Christmas in the park. DL has more Christmastime offerings than MK, yet they don't charge an extra ticket for you to experience it all.

          I did have the opportunity to attend the Very Merry Christmas Party at MK once. It's not what I consider a "magical" experience. I can't quite put my finger on it, but they just don't have the special touch that DL puts into their Christmas shows, attractions and atmosphere. One of many noticeable differences is the Christmas tree on Main Street. If you've had a chance to see both the DL and MK Christmas trees during the day and at night, you'd notice the difference.

          When I was at the Very Merry Christmas Party, I thought the parade was good. Everything else just had a certain level of cheesiness to it... From the blaring Christmas music on Main Street to the holiday fireworks show. Even the special Christmas costumes that are worn by cast members on Main Street are extremely gaudy.

          Sorry if my comments seem harsh and offend some of you diehard WDW fans. I am a huge WDW fan myself, but I think this one area where WDW really needs to step things up. I've talked to other guests who have attended the ticketed Christmas event. Most of them have said if it wasn't for the shorter lines, paying for the ticketed event wouldn't be worth it. That's unfortunate because that shouldn't be the main reason why guests attend the Christmas party.


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            Re: Disney Parks During the Holidays

            Disneyland, because there's REAL snow on the castle .


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              Re: Disney Parks During the Holidays

              Thanks for the help, everyone. I'll definitely be looking into my first trip to Disneyland this December.


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                Re: Disney Parks During the Holidays

                I will miss ya! I'll be at Disney World having a magical time!
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