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  • [Idea] League of Dreamers: AN IMAGINEERING CONTEST

    Actually I don't know if this should be considered a game or an idea since it's a little bit of both. Well whatever category it falls under, I'm just letting you all know now that it is an Imagineering contest, as evident by the title of this thread.

    Being on the internet for as many years as I have (About three), one of my favorite hobbies has become surfing the worldwide web in search of young and aspiring Imagineers. I don't know why, it's just fun to see what people can come up with, with the power of their imagination. I am an aspiring Imagineer myself (I don't want to be an Imagineer when I grow up though) and I find it a great honor brainstorming with other Imagineers and coming up with some pretty killer ideas.

    So I thought, what if I made an Imagineering contest for a big Disney web site such as MiceChat which is bound to be full of aspiring Imagineers? And that's exactly what I did, as you probably could already tell.

    Basically this contest is like Haunted Mansion Holiday, only instead of having the Nightmare Before Christmas and Haunted Mansion collide, we have a combination of Imagineering and the hit reality T.V. series, "Big Brother." Along with other T.V. shows such as the "Biggest Loser, Survivor, the Next Food Network Star, So You Think You Can Dance," etc.

    Once I have gathered up a bunch of contestants you will all join each other on a single team. As a team you guys will be faced with several different challenges and projects. And as you could probably tell, all of these projects will have to do with Walt Disney World. Basically you will all work together in a brainstorming-like process to come up with answers to whatever projects I give you. Say I assign you to make a Halloween overlay for it's a small world (Don't worry I'm not). I would then give you a certain due date and you guys would have to work together as a team to come up with ride throughs, detailed descriptions, technical details, and all that other good stuff. You must all work together on everything you do and agree on it one hundred percent...well at least one hundred percent, ninety or eighty is what I should of said.

    I will be playing the role of CEO, and if I approve you move on, and if you don't you have to start over. Pretend I'm the CEO of Disney and you guys are Imagineers trying to design something which I have asked you to. It's pretty much as simple as that.

    Once each project has been finished there will be a short period of time where I look over and grade your pitch. During this time each contestant will PM (Personal Message) me, and me only, about what other contestant they felt contributed the least to the project and what contestant was the hardest to work with. Whoever receives the most votes will be eliminated from the competition for good...well at least until the next season comes around (Only if the first is popular). If there isn't a majority vote on one particular contestant I will choose who I think contributed the least and was the most difficult to work with. Don't hate me, I'm just doing my job. Did I forget to mention the Head Imagineer?

    The Head Imagineer will be the head of this team. They get to lead the team in brainstorming, approve ideas, and all that other good stuff. They are kind of like the big man in charge of the team, a smaller CEO if you will. Oh yes, the Head Imagineer will also be immune to elimination, unless I think otherwise. I am the only one who can boot the big guy out, unless everyone else on the team thinks he or she needs to leave.

    However once a contestant has been Head Imagineer they cannot become Head Imagineer again. How do you become the Head Imagineer you may ask? Well it's quite simple, but I'll explain that to you all later.

    In the final round there will only be a couple of contestants left. No one will be Head Imagineer in that round as it wouldn't be fair to those who wouldn't be immune to elimination. Rather than sending in messages to tell me who they think needs to be eliminated each and every contestant who was eliminated will come in and send me a PM on who should get first place, who should get second place, who should get third, and so on so forth. Whoever wins first place becomes the "Official League of Dreamers Champion," who will receive the grand prize of a virtual congratulations and handshake. Also they will get to bare the title of being the first LOD winner and not only that they are guaranteed a spot as Head Imagineer in the first project for the next season of LOD if it goes any further.

    If by chance this contest becomes popular and goes all the way through, season two will be held in the Disneyland Resort rather than Walt Disney World. So if you're more into Disneyland and California Adventure you might be more interested in signing up for next season, if there is one so you might want to sign up for this one just in case. Trust me, I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

    Please do not sign up if you know you are going to drop out. You can drop out but I higly suggest you don't, simply because this contest will probably be loads of fun. :yea:

    I'm not going to release any of the upcoming projects just yet, so if you want to see them you better sign up quick!

    The entire project will be held on this thread so no other threads please. Each project will be worked on here, announced here, and graded here so please keep an eye out for new posts.

    Sign-ups begin today and end on January 5 at 9:00 p.m. I look foward to seeing how many people sign up and play! So PLEASE sign up if you are an aspiring Imagineer! Hope to see you all on January 5!

    Oh before I forget, here is how I want you all to sign up. Post a resume for yourself telling me all about:

    1. Your past experiences in the world of Disney.
    2. Past attractions, parks, restaurants, shops, etc. you have worked on in the world of Imagineering.
    3. What is your favorite Disney attraction and why?
    4. What is your favorite Disney movie and why?
    5. Why do you want to participate in this contest?

    Whoever posts the most interesting resume will be dubbed Head Imagineer for the first project. I will go into detail later on how the following Head Imagineers will be picked.

    I want as many people as possible to play, so please don't be shy!
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    Re: League of Dreamers: AN IMAGINEERING CONTEST

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      Re: League of Dreamers: AN IMAGINEERING CONTEST

      Hi-ho, Kermit the frog here, my Disney experiences include going to WDW and meeting Mickey Mouse when I joined FASA, or Fictional Animal Stars of America. STOP I have Imagineered on Epcot, DHS, DAK, the Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, the Honolulu Disney Resort (my own idea), the All-Star Resorts, DCA, EuroDisneyland, Disneyland Park, HKDL, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and the Disney Cruise Line. STOP My favorite attraction is Test Track because the theming and thrills are great. STOP My favorite movie is Toy Story because it gives you the feel of watching a traditional Disney animated classic, when you are really watching CGI. STOP I am signing up for this contest because I almost got into WDWMagic's The Imagineer contest, and I want to see if I can get into this one.
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