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"We Go On" Song?


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  • [Question] "We Go On" Song?

    I just came back from my Disneyworld vacation. I saw Illuminations for the first time in 5 years and I fell in love with the song, "We Go On". I was wondering if anybody knows a link for a free download of the song. Any answers would be great. Thanks. :-)
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    Re: &quot;We Go On&quot; Song?

    If you want to, you could buy it from WDW directly in an Epcot store, but they're very hard to get ahold of online if you aren't in WDW anymore.
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      Re: &quot;We Go On&quot; Song?

      I bought a CD on Ebay for about eight bucks. It's a sampler CD from the Millennium Celebration, and I think you got it with the purchase of Energizer batteries. It's one 17 minute track, and features Future/Hand in Hand, Illuminations:ROE, Tapestry of Nations, and We Go On.
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        Re: &quot;We Go On&quot; Song?

        That is a great song....I have the millineum celebration cd too. I love listening to it and using it for photo montages once we are home.
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          Re: &quot;We Go On&quot; Song?

          Moderator's Note:

          From the MiceChat FAQ:
          There will be times when you want to share something you found on the Internet with your fellow MiceChatters. Sharing is indeed caring. But, please be careful - there may be hurdles for you to jump. When you post information, an image, video or audio file from another source, make sure you are not posting content that is copyrighted. Such materials being shared and distributed without the consent of the person who owns the copyrights to the item in question is not allowed.
          Folks, we don't allow links to sites that provide copyrighted materials per the above FAQ. Thanks for your understanding.

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