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House Rental?


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  • [Question] House Rental?

    Anyone ever rented a house down in Orlando? And if so, was it an enjoyable experience or just too much work? Thinking about doing it next fall for a week when we're down visiting the Disney Parks and the Universal Parks.

    Any suggestions on areas? Or just thoughts about the experience?

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    Re: House Rental?

    I was wondering about this as well.


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      Re: House Rental?

      We stayed in a house in December and loved it. This was our one and only trip to WDW so far so I can't compare staying elsewhere but I do know we enjoyed having a house very much.

      The first reason we chose to do so was simply because it was less expensive. We stayed for 2 weeks and would have had to take out a loan to cover 2 weeks of lodging on Disney property! Next, we wanted the extra space and a private pool. The drive to the park was an easy 15 minutes each day. We had an abundance of choices of eating establishments and easy access to pretty much anything you could possibly need on the path between the house and the parks. (ie... drug store, groceries, etc) We were able to go home daily and be in our own home away from home rather than be cooped up in a tiny room. We had 3 baths and 4 bedrooms so we even ended up having additional room for company to stay over one night.

      Of course, we had to rent a car, however, we did not have to rely on Disney transportation which we knew we would not like. We had to pay for parking but it was a small price to pay to be able to do the driving ourselves. We did not receive any perks like Extra Magic Hours but we would not have used it anyway. My bunch likes to sleep late. We did not get anything like free dining but we were able to eat anywhere we wanted not just where the vouchers were accepted. We also had our own kitchen so we had the option to cook if we really wanted to save money.

      There are a huge number of houses in the area to choose from so it should be no problem finding one perfect for you. Just as a sample here's a link to the house we stayed at:
      Kissimmee vacation house rental unit_357352 - Peterson's Paradise Retreat
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        Re: House Rental?

        Never tried myself

        what about All Star Vacation Homes?
        Celebrating Disney's Animal Kingdom



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          Re: House Rental?

          We've done this in the past when we had a large group of family going. It was very enjoyable. I love to stay onsite, but I think if you have a big group and want to be able to spend time all together, this is the way to go.

          The perks: you can save money on food as you'll have a full kitchen, you'll have a washer and dryer, most have several bathrooms and it's easy to find one with a private, screened in pool. When we went, it was my family of 4, my Grandparents, three aunt's, an uncle, his mother and my cousin. It was great to be able to split off during the day and then all meet up at night. After the kids were in bed, the adults would meet out by the pool for awhile. We all took turns and cooked one night of the week and made it a point to be home for that.

          I'm not sure how difficult it is, as my Aunt arranged everything. She just made a payment schedule for the down payment ahead of time and then we split the actual cost of the week between us all. I think we ended up putting $150 towards the down payment and then paying $28 a night for our room. $28 a night for a room, bathroom, full kitchen, washer and dryer, private pool, full living room and dining room... can't beat that.

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            Re: House Rental?

            Thanks for those ideas. I'm definitely leaning towards the rental house. My party is four adults so a rental can be cheaper, plus we get more space and we can get our own pool. And our drinks by the pool will be a lot cheaper! I've never been a fan of the Mouse transportation down there, i've always cabbed so we can either go that route or rent a car. I've just got to find the right area to stay as I'd like to be between the Disney Parks and Universal.


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