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I want new old WDW logo merchandise!


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  • [Idea] I want new old WDW logo merchandise!

    Hey Disney fans over 40:
    remember the Walt Disney World logo from the 70s?
    (I think it was still around in the 80s.)

    Wouldn't you like to get a T-shirt with that old logo on it?
    It could be a recreation of shirts sold in the mid 70s.

    Or how about a mug, cap, or bumper sticker?
    Or how about the old EPCOT logo?
    I think retro WDW merchandise would sell well.

    The ancient Coca-Cola and McDonald's logos don't do anything for me,
    but that old Walt Disney World lettering takes me back to some of the happiest memories of my childhood more effectively than a Christmas tree.

    Disneyland has kept the same logo with great success. It was the first word my daughter could "read." If Walt Disney World has had a new logo, it barely comes to mind; I think it has nondescript, scripty letters.
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    Re: I want new old WDW logo merchandise!

    Retro merchandise has been featured throughout WDW over the past few years. There is a whole new 2010 line of merchandise featuring the old EPCOT Center logo on various clothing and products as well as the old Walt Disney World logo featured on a new range of clothes, some that say "2010" with the old logo.

    Disneyland's logo has changed over the years. It originally was more italicized and had more script to it. It was bulked out in the 70s and has remained that way since then. Another logo that has appeared on and off at Disneyland since the 70s is the Disneyland "D" with a drawing of sleeping beauty castle inside it.


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      Re: I want new old WDW logo merchandise!

      The original Walt Disney World logo was replaced for the 25th Anniversary in 1996 with the current logo. I have seen several new items using the old (and much nicer) logo in the parks over the last few weeks. Even bought a few myself. The big 'D' with the world with ears inside it to me is the best logo Disney World ever had. My hope is that for the 40th they replace the current logo with the original Walt Disney World logo.


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        Re: I want new old WDW logo merchandise!

        Originally posted by Expo_Seeker40 View Post
        Retro merchandise has been featured throughout WDW over the past few years. . .
        Thanks, Expo_Seeker40! (And thanks ti2r too!)
        I just used my Disney Rewards dollars and got two t-shirts (link below).

        I wish they had gone all out and re-created one of the exact shirts from the 70s. I think the distressed look (as it's called) has worn out its welcome, though it does make more sense with the old ("classic" in my middle-aged mind) logo.

        TMI: one shirt is for my daughter though it won't fit her for a few years. (T-shirts are one of the few things I collect and it's a small collection.) I could have gotten her a girl-sized shirt that fit her, but it only came in such a light pink that the white WDW logo could hardly be seen in the photo, so I got her a small adult pink shirt and plan on slipping her growth hormones.
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          Re: I want new old WDW logo merchandise!

          I have this shirt that I bought a couple years ago:


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            Cool shirt! I like the shadow behind the logo. Thanks, aimster!

            Was the "D" "distressed" when you bought it?
            As I wrote earlier, I'd prefer to not have the used look, so I'd take some liquid paper to that logo.


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              Re: I want new old WDW logo merchandise!

              Yes it had that distressed/looks 30+ years old look on purpose when I bought it. That's one reason why I bought it. I like how it looks like I just pulled it out of the closet after having gone missing for the 30+ years.


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                Re: I want new old WDW logo merchandise!

                They've had a lot of retro merchandise in the past few years, I own an EPCOT Center 'the future began...' t-shirt as well as a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride baseball shirt. Neither is distressed and the latter has (where the inside tag would be) a 'The Magic Kingdom the 1971 Collection' logo and then has the old WDW logo. There was a whole rack of similar items in the Emporium and it seemed they were starting a sub-brand of it. I hope they continue with it.
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                  Re: I want new old WDW logo merchandise!

                  I have the Dreamfinder/Figment shirt that came out a couple years ago. Awesome.


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