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NNL's Birthday TR


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  • Trip Report NNL's Birthday TR

    So, with our recent purchase of DVC, and with NNL's birthday coming up, and when Kevin Yee announced his Magical Pursuit was being held on NNL's birthday, we decided there was too much alignments of the starts to not go to WDW for the weekend. We left Friday evening, managing to get into the resort by 11PM, just enough time to stop for dinner and check out a little of the hotel.

    Our room for 2 nights was a Bay Lake view in Bay Lake Tower. We had to change the last night to a standard room, but it was the same resort, so it wasn't too big of a deal.

    Here are some shots of the room and our view. Bay Lake Tower was simply AMAZING and we can't wait to stay there again!

    We only got a studio, so a small kitchenette; we didn't even use it!

    The bathroom sink was directly across from the kitchenette; a bizarre setup IMO, since the bathroom was around the corner.

    The couch folds out into a Queen sleeper.

    Comfortable bed! Love the artwork too!

    Flat panel TVs are standard now. Our room had a DVD already in it! Hope someone didn't forget it!

    View from the room: Garden Wing and Marina at the Contemporary

    Also a nice view of the resort from here too.

    Hot air balloons in the morning.

    Expedition Everest about dead center with the Tree of Life slightly to the right. From the room we could see EPCOT, the Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is on the other side of the resort.

    Coming up: Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT and Magical Pursuit.
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    Re: NNL's Birthday TR

    Great pics so far! I'm staying in BLT for the first time this summer, so I'm really interested in how you thought it was. Thanks for the update and I'll be looking forward to to the rest of it!
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      Re: NNL's Birthday TR

      Woah! That's one nice looking room. Also a nice view of Animal Kingdom. Can't wait to see more!
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        Re: NNL's Birthday TR

        Whoa! Great room and views!

        Can't wait to see the rest of the Birthday Girl's special weekend!
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          Re: NNL's Birthday TR

          Great pictures of your hotel room. I hope to see more.
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            Re: NNL's Birthday TR

            Aww, what a great husband! Doing NNL's Birthday Trip Report for her! I wish my husband did that for me, lol. Maybe then they'd actually be POSTED!

            Anyway, really looking forward to seeing this as I followed her Bday adventure on FB.


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              Re: NNL's Birthday TR

              So freakin jealous! Looking forward to the rest of your trip report.


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                Re: NNL's Birthday TR

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                  Re: NNL's Birthday TR

                  Oooo, I like the artwork!


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                    Re: NNL's Birthday TR

                    Ok, here is my views! (We are still trying to figure out how this tandem reporting is going to go LOL)

                    We had already seen a sample? room, but it's not the same as being there! The room was small but fine for our needs. LOVED the view and the balcony! Sad that it was already showing some wear and tear (though part of that was Disney's cheapness LOL) My BIG complaint as always: Not enough towel racks!! One IN the shower (was great when my towel fell into the water) and one round one for one towel. But the bed was really really comfy! (always end on a postive note )

                    So, after we checked out the room, we went back over to the Contemporary to get a bite to eat. It's great that the food court is open t'il midnight, and with the full menu. I love the walkway between the two hotels and it's also really convientent to walk via the ground floor. We both got flatbreads, pretty good.

                    Sorry for the lack of pics - my laptop crashed so I don't have access to the pictures on Jeff's laptop.

                    More TR to come!
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                      Re: NNL's Birthday TR

                      So far, the tandem is going great!! Can't wait for more!
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                        Re: NNL's Birthday TR

                        So far we have the start of a great TR! Thanks Yoyo and NNL!


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                          Re: NNL's Birthday TR

                          Sorry for the delay - stupid work...

                          Anyway, Saturday was NNL's birthday, which also included Kevin Yee's Magical Pursuit, so our day was planned for EPCOT. What made EPCOT extra special was we visited right in the middle of the Flower and Garden Festival, so when the crowds became too much, we took a moment to stop and smell the roses, literally!

                          Some highlights from the Festival:

                          Always nice to enter the old Wonders of Life pavilion when we can.

                          The gentle reminder of what the pavilion used to be...everything else is pretty much gone except this mobile.

                          Looking outside the pavilion.

                          I'm not going to post all the topiaries, just a few, like this Rafiki and Simba.



                          Giraffes outside the exit of Spaceship Earth.

                          The front topiary was ENORMOUS!

                          Goofy is the largest topiary ever created. He's huge!

                          These brightened up the tombstones a lot. They smelled great too!

                          The butterfly house was so crowded, but we managed a few shots...

                          Love the quilt of flowers with Mickey, Starfish, and dolphins.

                          NNL with Tinkerbell in the Fairy Garden.

                          Badly timed with sunlight, but this is the Princess and the Frog Wedding Bayou. Too bad they aren't topiary or 3D, but a cut display.

                          Up next: More EPCOT, a Magical Moment at the Liberty Inn, and Kevin Yee's Magical Pursuit.
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                            Re: NNL's Birthday TR

                            You guys still at the parks? We might run into each other!
                            What an idiot....

                            Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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                              Re: NNL's Birthday TR

                              Originally posted by Tui View Post
                              You guys still at the parks? We might run into each other!
                              Unfortunately, no. We only went last weekend (9-12). We're just late in getting the report up!

                              Would have been great to run into you though! Love your TR too!
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