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March's Own a Piece of WDW History Pin


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  • March's Own a Piece of WDW History Pin

    Hi all just saw this pic of the next Attraction pin. I like the MV 3D idea, I just don't like using the 3d glasses. I wish they would have picked something like a piece of one of the penguins or something!

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    I agree. I'll buy it because I want the set, but probably 500 people a day walk off with those glasses. No one walks off with a cable from TOT or a porthole from 20k!


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      This pin is different since it is only a chunck of them. My guess is they just took the broken glasses and used them. It's posted here ( and comes out on the 15th at $12.95 of LE size of 2500. That isn't bad. It's a cute pin. I agree the penguins would have been cute too although it seems the penguin pins created have either been of the history of art or from Mary Poppins ( Maybe more will come with more of a push on Muppets product?


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