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First Trip Report to Walt Disney World[late and no pictures]


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  • Trip Report First Trip Report to Walt Disney World[late and no pictures]

    Hello all. I do apoligize for the lateness of this trip report as the actuall trip was in January. But I am finally getting to it.

    Also note that I do not have pictures as my family did not take any. We just went for fun.

    First Day:
    We left California very early in the morning. Before we left we had checked park maps and information and made a plan. It was just me and my mom for our frist trip so that worked.

    We boarded the plane and then took a 3 hour flight to Orlando International. Upon ariving at Orlando we got lost and had to have help finding the Magical Express Bus. But we found it and went to our hotel at Saratoga Springs.

    Upon Ariving at our hotel we found the check in area and found out we were upgraded. Well we got our room info and then went on an hour search to find our room. At last we found it but we could not find the elevator until later on that eveing.

    It was getting dark now and we were tired and hungry so we walked to a bus stop. We had wanted to do food at Downtown Disney so we did and went to T-Rex. Dessert that night was Gihradelli's and a view of Illuminations.

    Second Day: Epcot!

    We woke up early this morning and headed to the bus stop to get a bus. We decided to do Epcot this day as we got early entry tickets. We went to the park and met a nice group of people while waiting and they told us to go to Test Track first. So we did.

    After that we went to Mission Space. I took my mom on the non thrill version and she liked it. I then went back on the thrill vision and could not feel a difference. Funny thing was I was the same position both times.

    The park had opened then so we went to Breakfest in the land pavilion. While waiting to eat we got Soarin' fastpasses for later on. We then went to Nemo and had fun there.

    We were looking for things to do so we dd Journey into Imingination starring Figment. It was cute. But we went to Spaceship earth next. It was a fun ride and later on we would do it again.

    By this time the rest of the park had opened so we walked to World Showcase and did the countries there. They were beautiful. As we walked we looked at the shops and did the rides and looked around. We then went back to Soaring and Spaceship Earth. After I did Honey(I am a fan.)

    It was getting late and we had nothing to do so we stopped by both Innoventions for awhile. Here in Cali we have it but it is completely different. As we left Future World was closing so we found a good spot for Illuminations and only waited an hour.

    The rest will be posted later.