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Best places to eat in each park.


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  • [Question] Best places to eat in each park.

    I'm going to Florida in October. (For those of you with a good memory and saw the "Which park should I go to thread", you'll notice we bumped the trip up from June to October so I could go to HHN! Yippie!) I was wondering what the best place to eat at the MK is? You know, just typical fast food/sit down restaurant.

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    Re: Best places to eat in each park.

    I love the Columbia Harbor House. It's my favorite quick service place in MK. They have food that isn't the typical burger, chicken nuggets, etc. I highly recommend the hummus sandwich.


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      Re: Best places to eat in each park.

      These aren't necessarily all full meal or even quick service locations, but food I enjoy at Walt Disney World (I know you want MK specifically, but for others curious):

      Magic Kingdom: I tend to treat this as more of a snacking park. I've never been overly taken by the full-service meal selection here, but I haven't gotten to branch out much. I like Dole Whips, though. And I love the Quick Service burgers in Frontierland (the name of the restaurant escapes me)

      Animal Kingdom: Flame Tree Barbecue all the way. The end.

      EPCOT: The Electric Umbrella has a good pastry selection, as does the Norway and France pavilions. The restaurants in Japan are good. The Fish and Chips from the UK pavilion is good if you like that sort of thing. The French full-service restaurant is good if you like French cuisine.

      Disney's Hollywood Studios: The Sci-Fi Dine in was good. The Prime Time Diner was good. I hear good things about the Italian restaurant as well.

      As for resort restaurants I really enjoy, I've always been really taken by Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and I enjoy the food courts at the value resorts, especially Pop Century.


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        Re: Best places to eat in each park.

        Well, quick service:

        I've had more pleasant experiences with Pinocchio in Fantasyland than Cosmic Ray's in TL. Both have essentially same menu items if my memory serves me correctly, BUT Pinocchio has pizzaaa. I had a salad (caesar?) there and thought it was yummy.

        Nicer though, I reeeeally liked Tony's Town Square. At the time they had this amazing salmon with grilled asparagus that I loooooved. Their pasta was pretty good too. I thought it was good Italian and the atmosphere was nice too.


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          Re: Best places to eat in each park.

          MK: for counter service, I tend to visit either Casey's Corner or Columbia Harbor House. I wouldn't waste my time eating table service at MK. Head over to the Poly and visit either Kona or 'Ohana.

          EPCOT: For counter service, I hit all kinds of places depending on my mood, but Sunshine Seasons is one of the BEST counter service places in WDW. You can't really go wrong with table service at EPCOT, but Rose & Crown and Biergarten are two of my favorites.

          DHS: Nothing jumps out here for counter service. They are all basically the same as anything else. I do recommend Prime Time and Aunt Liz's Fred Chicken for table service. It's very good.

          DAK: Flame Tree all the way for counter. Tusker House gets the nod in park for table, but I also recommend visiting AKL and eating at Boma.


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            Re: Best places to eat in each park.

            Food, my favorite topic.

            Magic Kingdom:
            Counter: Either Columbia Harbor House or Cosmic Ray's (both for variety of choices)
            Sit Down: Crystal Palace (for breakfast) and Cinderella's Royal Table (for lunch)

            Counter: Kringla Bakeri in Norway and the pastry shop in the France Pavilion (they have such nummy croissant breakfast sandwiches)
            Sit Down: (All only at lunch, dinner is overpriced) - Teppan Edo (Japan Pavilion); Coral Reef (Seas Pavilion) - Coral Reef has gotten horrible reviews all over the web, my family and I have eaten there twice within the past year and both times we were pleased.

            Counter: ABC Commissary - For non standard fare.
            Sit Down: 50's Prime Time - For the ambiance alone!

            Animal Kingdom:
            Counter: Flame Tree BBQ and Yak and Yeti Counter
            Sit Down: Yak and Yeti

            Have a great trip! Enjoy HHN's, we had an okay time the last time we were there. If you like that sort of thing, I recommend driving an hour and doing Busch Gardens Howl O Scream, less people, less commercialized = more scare for your money.


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              Re: Best places to eat in each park.

              MK-sit down-Cinderella's table (if you are going with little ones) all others yuk- go to the Grand Floridian Narcooses, Citricos or California Grill atop the Contemorary then back to MK via monorail or boat.
              MK-Quick service-Harbor House or monorail to Grand Floridian to Gasparillas grill-the best Quick service in WDW.
              Epcot-sit down-LeCellier Oh' good job Canada or Teppen Edo Hibachi Japanese food yummy. I don't know why everyone is bashin Coral reef we loved it.
              Epcot-quick service-You just cant go wrong anywhere in the world showcase, if you can't find something you like, you are way to picky-My fave is Yakitori in Japan for sushi.
              Hollywood-sit down-Mama Melrose hidden way back left, Brown Derby, 50's Prime Time for the experience-food is ok-milkshake is awesome.
              Hollywood-quick service-Touluca turkey leg you have to try it once.
              Animal Kingdom-Quick service-Flame Tree, Flame tree or flame tree.
              Animal Kingdom-sit down-the place closes at 5pm i'm never there for dinner.
              Faves quick service-Gasparilla, Flame Tree
              Faves sit down-Lecellier, Narcooses, Captain's Table @yacht and beach. Raglan Road @downtown disney live irish music and real good food.


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                Re: Best places to eat in each park.

                Put me down for some Sunshine Seasons love. I was very pleased with the variety available at that location, although seating is a MAJOR bummer.


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                  Re: Best places to eat in each park.

                  Here are my counter service picks:

                  MK: Pinocchio Village Haus, Pecos Bill's & Columbia Harbour House

                  EPCOT: Sunshine Seasons (I am a slave to their turkey sandwich w/ the chipotle mayo), the Cantina in Mexico (which is currently being expanded and is reopening in September)

                  Studios: Pizza Planet, ABC Commissary

                  AK: Never been


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                    Re: Best places to eat in each park.

                    Just try to avoid where-ever in Tomorrowland that lady from SGE got the chili-dog -- that thing's naaasssssty!


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                      Re: Best places to eat in each park.

                      Here's my own personal list:

                      Magic Kingdom: Pecos Bill's is delicious Frontierland counter service, Cinderella's Royal Table if you can afford it
                      Epcot: Japan's counter service, Nine Dragons (China), Living with the Land counter service (if you're in Future World), La Cantina (Mexico counter service)
                      Hollywood Studios: Sci-Fi Drive-In; 50's Prime Time Cafe. Need to try Mama Melrose's!
                      Animal Kingdom: Flame Tree BBQ. 'Nuff said!

                      From this list, it might be evident that my family prefers counter service when in the parks. Typically we'll only have a few table service meals in any trip, and when we do it's usually at a resort hotel.


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                        Re: Best places to eat in each park.

                        Just to add my own two cents here, I enjoy the Plaza Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. I like their menu, it's not too pricey, has a great view if you get a table by the window, etc etc etc.


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                          Re: Best places to eat in each park.

                          MK: Columbia Harbor house or Cosmic Ray's.
                          EPCOT... Sunshine seasons is pretty good.
                          Studios: Hmm, not too sure of the names here. Don't eat here very often.
                          AK: Pizzafari
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                            Re: Best places to eat in each park.

                            Here are my favs:
                            Magic Kingdom: Counter Service:I can't remember any at this moment
                            Sit-Down Service: Cinderella's Royal Table is good one.

                            Epcot Center: Counter Service: As everyone has said, Sunshine Seasons
                            is great!
                            Sit-Down Service: I thought the Coral Reef was great(last
                            visit was in 2003, before Nemo takeover),
                            I loved the Le Celiler in the Canada
                            Pavilion(I loved their one of Dessert's),
                            Liked the Chefs de France in the France
                            Pavilion and the lovely(but gone)
                            L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante in
                            the Italy Pavilion.

                            Disney's Hollywood Studios:
                            Counter Service: Again, can't remember any at this time.
                            Sit-Down Service: Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaunt, I did like the
                            themeing, but the food was not worth
                            the price. Hollywood & Dine, was an a-ok
                            buffet, perfect for the little ones.

                            Disney's Animal Kingdom:
                            Counter Service: Pizzafari is a nice Pizza place. Tusker
                            House Restaurant, it has some ok food.
                            Sit-Down Service: None at this moment.

                            Notes: my last visits to WDW were in the first week of Jan 2003 and New Year's Eve 2006 and the some of the first week of Jan 2007.

                            sigpicNow the Tower of Sauron has fallen
                            Also, this picture and my Avatar was taken with a Nintendo DSi System and Nyko Magnification Lens & Case for DSi.


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                              Re: Best places to eat in each park.

                              I mention my favs in MK, but the others:

                              Counter: Mexico has a really good counter, my only complaint is lack of shade.
                              Germany has a good one too, but not a wide selection. I really want to try the one everyone keeps raving about (Sunshine..)
                              Sit-down: Biergarten! I really love German food, I must say, plus this is a buffet. Just keep in mind that they sit you in a banquet-style, so if you have a smaller party, you'll most likely be sitting with strangers. My family enjoyed the chance to socialize and make friends, but you may be different. I've also eaten at Norway (great character meal, different food) and Morocco (great atmosphere, high prices and very different food).


                              Counter: Don't think I've eaten a counter service meal here.
                              Sit-down: I really loved Sci-Fi because of the theming, but as said before it's a bit pricey for burgers and such. My family was on the dining plan so we weren't really concerned about it, but it is something to keep in mind.


                              I've only eaten a couple of places here. Everytime we go to this park, EVERY eatery is packed, counter or sit-down. Nothing really stands out to me, and even if it did, I never paid attention to names because of the crowds and such. I do want to try Yak and Yeti.


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