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Main Street Electrical Parade

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  • [Review] Main Street Electrical Parade

    Well, it rolled through the MK tonight in a cast rehearsal. Some technical problems, and some surprises.

    The music is quiet what I remember so I suspect this is the modified music DCA was using. I know they said it would retain the classic soundtrack, but it does sound different then both my memory and my MSEP disc.

    The drum..... They didn't change it. It reads Disney's Electrical Parade, but the voice over and the parades intro and exit all refer to it as The Magic Kingdom's Main Street Electrical Parade.

    Some nice surprises. Maybe I missed it this when they announce all the modification for DCA, but the Caterpillar on the Mushroom is really neat with the animated face. Peter Pan and Captain Hook are free to swash buckle and are NOT tied down and the finally float..... the girls are walking along side this massive float! Very significant developments and kudos to the MK for recognizing that this really is OK.

    Some bumble bee drama.... Both bees were having issues. The first one was very very dim, but seem to move along ok. The second one, while not as dim as the first, was still dim, but completely was immobilized. The rescue Tractor had to pull it off the parade route. The cast watching gave sincere "awwwws" as it shut off its lights once hook up to the tractor and allowed itself to be pulled off from the rest of the parade. Kind of sad.

    The only real criteak I would as was the Pete on Elliot was a terrible actor. his voice had no enthusiasm at all. It completely sounded like it was reading his lines for the very first time when he said "Elliot and I are so excited to be here tonight with all of you". Definately needs some work there. Also, perhaps it was just earlier drama wth the Bees, but the cast members in the crowd did not seem to understand Elliot was suppose to disappear. When he did, they all "awwww" in sympathy again, just like when the Bee had to shut off be be pulled away. They cheered in triumped a second later when Elliot came back. I just laughed. Also, Petes Mic seem to cut in and out so at time you could not hear him at all. Also did not see Elliot blow and smoke tonight.

    Over all, including the delay the Bee created, the parade ran at about 30 minutes. I would say the Bee Rescue added 5 so my guess is the running time is about 25 minutes long, making it slightly longer then Spectro's 20.

    I don't mean from a performers stand point, I mean the time it take the parade to pass by a stationary spot.

    Also, MSEP and SNFS both start SATURDAY June 5th, even though the official Nightastic Promo isn't until the 6th.

    Enjoy everyone and welcome back MSEP!!!

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    Re: Main Street Electrical Parade

    Thanks for the review! I never knew Elliot was supposed to disappear, either, so I probably would have been in the same boat! I'm very excited to see it in a few weeks!
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      Re: Main Street Electrical Parade

      I am going this Saturday to see the parade and fireworks (assuming it doesn't rain). What is the route for the MSEP? Where does it start?

      Any recommendations on a good spot to watch the parade and the fireworks?
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        Re: Main Street Electrical Parade

        It starts on Mainstreet by the firehouse and follows the normal MK parade route.

        For the fireworks, I recommend the Tomorrowland side of the Central Plaza.