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Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report


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    Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

    gimme gimme moaaar

    great trip report, some fantastic shots youve got - you would have been there the same time as me aswell
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      Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

      Looks like yall had a great time. Jeff's party looks cool

      It looks like Gay Days was less crowded than in the past. How were the crowds that day at Magic Kingdom?

      Poor MM! I hope he was ok to go to Epcot the next day!
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        Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

        waiting patiently for more pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time


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          Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

          Originally posted by Grinning Ghost View Post
          WOOF! Anyone got the number of that hot bear cub in the brown/pink shirt on the right??? :thumbup: I could just eat him up! The one in the front row, 2nd from the right looks delicious too!
          Crackup! I do the same thing with these group shots - pick out all the ones I wish I knew....
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            Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

            I guess they only took a two day trip this year. Hopefully Mr Bulb is okay and will post more pics soon.


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              Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

              Awesome TR. Just leaves you wanting more!!

              I'd love to attend one of these events - looks like a hoot and a half.

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                Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                WDW Gay Days 2010 Trip report
                Day 3, Sunday, June 6

                On a side note, I REALLY apologize for the delay in getting these two final parts of the report up. Between World of Color opening and then Kong and other such things it's been simply maddening. Finally I have the time to finish telling you all my silly little story of fun in the Florida sun.

                So, after a night of boozing it up and sun stroke hitting our group, we decided to hit EPCOT and take it as easy as possible. The only big plan for the day was an early dinner reservation at Le Cellier in the Canada Pavilion.

                Early in the morning, Monorail Man and CaptPhoebus lfet from our rooms at the Boardwalk and went to the park early. Us old folks, Dustysage, Mickeymaxx, Rixter, Doom BGI an myself, made our way to EPCOT via the water transportation near the resort.

                Immediately the heat got to me. What the heck? I was usually able to handle it. I began to seek shade at every chance and drinking water.

                Our captain serenaded us. "The LOVE BOAT!" not really
                The four of us entered Epcot through the back entrance and Brerrbit1 was there waiting for us.

                It was time to get a little something to eat and I soon began to melt again. Needed shade and QUICK! Fish and Chips sounded delightful. We grabbed some and sat under the shade of a huge umbrella. Capt Phoebus and Brerrbit1 opted for food from Morocco and brought it back to the table.

                Om nom nom

                We finished lunch and decided to take a stroll around the World Showcase Lagoon. We got about 100 feet from the UK pavilion when we realized that our flesh was melting from our faces. We ducked into the shop in Canada for a respite from the oppressive humidity and heat. I tell ya, maple candy and moose hats were never so inviting. Somehow the air conditioning made even the slightest thing in there fascinating.

                The group then and there decided to abandon the plan to walk around outside and, instead enjoy the air conditioned rides of the resort. The closest one was Journey into Imagination. Well, technically it was the O' Canada movie but even we had out limits.

                MickeyMaxx and I led the way to the Imagination Institute and to sweet, sweet air conditioning.

                OMG it was HOT

                HURRY ALMOST THERE!

                aaaaaaaaa Air

                At this point I was ecstatic to see Rick Moranis.

                We left imagination and headed to the Land. It was rife with air conditioned attractions. First stop, Circle of Life. None of us had ever been into this attraction and we decided to give it a try. Yeah, it stunk. But it was comfortable.

                The lobby had a variety of old school televisions. All of which had a different
                shade of the same image.

                The attraction is basically an old AMC theater showing a short, heavy handed
                environmental movie.

                It was time for one of our favorites, Living with the land.

                Next up? The Seas!

                The Seas were great, but Dusty and I decided it was time to hit one last ride and then go take a break at the Hotel before dinner.

                Well time to go.

                WAIT! we have to go to Club Cool for some Beverly, er, I mean that Chinese watermelon drink.

                Okay, time to go.

                Dusty and I took a slow, relaxing walk back to the hotel by way of the U.K.

                After a super relaxing trip to the hotel and pool Dusty and I made it back to Le Cellier in time for a wonderful dinner with MickeyMaxx, Rixter, CaptPhoebus, Brerrbit1, and DOOM BGI.

                The gardens are so great

                For Sunnygirl

                We got called in, on time too, and sat right down for a great meal. MickeyMaxx and Rixter had never been so we immediately suggested the cheese soup.

                I had Salmon. It was great!

                We finished dinner and did the best we could to waddle out of the restaurant. Le Cellier is amazingly good. It is actually reasonably priced but very difficult to get into.

                Canada at night.

                Monorail Man headed back to the hotel while Capt Phoebus and Brerrbit1 went to take advantage of extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom. Dusty, Mickeymaxx, Doom BGI, Rixter and myself stayed to watch Illuminations. Yeah, it's getting a little played out but it is still nice.

                The show ended and our intrepid band of park dwellers made our way back to the Boardwalk. The day was fun, but insanely hot. I took two massive bottles of water back up to the room, took a long shower and hydrated the heck out of myself. We were actually hoping to go try out Typhoon Lagoon the next day and we were hoping for good weather.

                Until then,

                THE END!!!
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                  Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                  Yay! The trip report continues...

                  Keep it up Fishy!
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                    Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                    I'm lovin this's making me excited for my WDW trip next year...can't wait to see more..
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                      Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                      Originally posted by Fishbulb View Post

                      For Sunnygirl

                      :love: You know how I adore the baby ducks! :gladsad: Thanks for thinking of me on what looks like an awesome (weather notwithstanding) trip.
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                        Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report


                        Thanks, I'll be singing that all day now.

                        Baby duckies...awwww!

                        Well, I'm glad you didn't completely melt...and hope we get to see even more of Fishy's Fabulous trip report!


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                          Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                          Great TR, loved reading (and looking at the pictures) it.
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                            Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                            Hey guys! Nice TR! Your stories are always so funny, Fishbulb. I love reading them.

                            My parents are at DL this weekend. It's my mom's b-day today. I told them they should stay at least until noon on Sunday. That way they can say hi to some MCers! Oh, and trade some pins with Elvis!
                            - Larisa

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                              Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                              Great TR, Norm. You guys look like you had a good time.

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                                Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                                great TR! It looks like you all had an awesome time! The photos are glorious (love all that eye candy!)


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                                  Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                                  Thanks for the great report----it's nice to feel like you're there, even when you aren't. I've been to Gay Days Anaheim before and had lots of fun...but have never made it to Orlando's version. This year Anaheim is up in the air--simply because we're thinking of an October visit to WDW (my first visit back in about four years!).

                                  Now I'll have to add on Islands of Adventure too--thanks for some terrific photos!


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                                    Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                                    When do we get to read the last part? Did I miss it somewhere? I enjoy reading you GayDays trip report every year.


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                                      Re: Fishbulb's 2010 WDW GayDays Trip Report

                                      I SO miss your great Trip Reports, Fishbulb. How I miss WDW. I enjoyed seeing the Universal Studios pictures too.

                                      That's good that you all hanged in there for MM. Sorry to hear what happened to him. That good that he is ok and made to the First Aid.

                                      -Hayley B.
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