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Going to disney world for the first time dec 11th-17


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  • [Question] Going to disney world for the first time dec 11th-17

    what is there to do around that time at waltdisney world.............and suggestions
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    Walt Disney World first trip December 11th-18th

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    Re: Going to disney world for the first time dec 11th-17

    Explore the world for yourself. Don't try to relive someone else's vacation! But just honestly have an adventure!
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      Re: Going to disney world for the first time dec 11th-17

      Your going to have a amazing time. I just went to DisneyWorld for the first time a month ago. I followed general information from lots of MiceChatters and information on the "Walt Disney World Lines Application" It seriously helped us bypass tons of lines by following there suggestions on which days to go to which parks. Basically look at which parks have "Early Entry or Late Entry" and Bypass that park on that day! You will seriously be saving yourself alot of time in lines since everyone goes to the park on the day that has the Early or Late entries!

      Also get to the park at opening and you will get to ride the E-Tickets in that park a bunch of times in a row as well as collecting tons of fast passes. We rode Space Mountain about 5 times in a row and collected a few fast passes for additional rides. This was during a busy time of the year!

      Deffinatly spend at least 1 day at each park. I recommend 2 days at the Magic Kingdom since there is soo much to do there. Also if you are already purchasing a 5 day pass, just extend it to 10 days and add the no expiration limit, since you can save it for your next trip and it will save you tons of money. Stupidly I did not do that and I am very upset that I did not. I purchased a 5 day ticket but had I spent a little bit more I could have saved 5 days for my next trip and not had to repurchase new expensive tickets.

      Enjoy all the incredible audio animatronic shows at each of the parks, they are really incredible and special.

      Have a great time!


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        Re: Going to disney world for the first time dec 11th-17

        I went at Christmastime in 2007, and I had an amazing time. The weather wasn't too cold, and the holiday decorations were fun to photograph. I also recommend that you visit each park at least once.

        Not sure how many special holiday offerings will still be around, but I enjoyed the Osbourne Lights at DHS, the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian Hotel, the chocolate carousel at Beach Club, the Candlelight Processional at Epcot, and of course the special lighting of Cinderella Castle each night at Magic Kingdom. I loved the special holiday parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom also.

        I didn't find it too crowded, but I am an early riser, and I got to each park at the hour of their opening each day. I was then able to start each day doing my "Must see attractions" first.

        I stayed at Coronado Springs on that trip, and their resort was decorated beautifully.


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          Re: Going to disney world for the first time dec 11th-17

          Since you are going around the holidays, definetly visit the Grand Floridian, just to see the gingerbread house. They do an amazing job and well worth your time. Osborne lights at DHS is also a really nice display to see, especially if you have never seen it before. Epcot, as of last year, was the biggest holiday dissappointment. It used to be beautiful. Maybe they will do something this year, I don't know, but I wouldn't hold my breathe. December is one of my favorite times to go. But also be prepared of the weather. 1 year I went and it was super hot. Last year it was freazing. So anything goes!
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            Re: Going to disney world for the first time dec 11th-17

            The Christmas decorations will be up, so check those out at all the parks.

            There's the Christmas party at MK, but that's a hard-ticket extra cost event that's not as good as it used to be. But you could consider doing it once just to say you did it, but... that's your call.

            EPCOT has a thing at each of the countries where that country's version of Santa comes out and tells a bit of the history of that version of Santa & all that jazz. If they still do that, check out out as it's pretty interesting to see how all the different cultures around the world celebrate Christmas (like in Japan, they celebrate it, but it doesn't really have any religious meaning to them.. New Year's is their big shin-dig).

            Definitely check out the various displays at the hotels like the gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian and the chocolate carousel at... is it at the Boardwalk or the Beach Club? I can't remember which.

            And what Mouse Princess said... be prepared for the weather. It could be jeans/t-shirt weather during the day but warm jacket weather at night. Just keep an eye on the 10 day forecast (which can change on a daily basis in Florida) to know how to pack and you should be fine.


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              Re: Going to disney world for the first time dec 11th-17

              The Christmas party is still pretty great. If you like parades and fireworks and Christmas, you'll love the party. Plus, the snow on main street, as simple an effect as I'm sure it is, is a really nice touch.

              It's good that you're asking now. The parks and resort can be overwhelming, so it's much better to go in well-versed in what to expect.

              My top two pieces of advice: hit the parks as they open in the morning and make a few dining reservations for the sit-down restaurants you don't want to miss. These days, even in the slower times you can get locked out of restaurants if you don't reserve well in advance.


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