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Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom


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  • [Question] Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

    Since I am staying at the Magic Kingdom and since I get the 15% annual passholder discount on these 4 tours, I might do one of them on my next trip.

    These are the 4 tours.

    1. Disney's Family Magic Tour

    2. Mickey's Magical Milestones Tour

    3. Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour

    4. Disney's The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour

    I will be doing these tours by myself. I am curious if any here has done any of these tours and/or has any information about them.

    I am not sure if I want to do the "Family Magic Tour" as that kinda looks like a game and not really sure if I want to do that. Also The Keys to the Kingdom Tour seems kinda long as I will want to spend a lot of time at the Polynesian. The Keys to the Kingdom Tour might be something I would do if I was staying at a value resort. Or during my 2 weeks birthday vacation I might would do Keys to the Kingdom even if I am staying at a Delux resort (4 and a half hours out of a 2 week vacation does not seem as long as 5 hours out of a 5 day vacation if you see what I mean). Now I have not ruled tours 1 and 3 on my list totally out. But I am thinking that tours 2 or 4 on my list might work the best for this trip.

    Now with The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour I see that this starts before the park opens and that sounds neat. Now would transportation from the Polynesian get me there on time? Or I could walk over to the ticket and transportation center if that would get me to this tour on time?

    If I do the Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour I most likely would not do it on a day that the Magic Kingdom has early extra magic hours for 2 reasons. Reason one is because I might want to enjoy the early extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom. Reason 2 is the same reason why I like to book either Crystal Palace or Cinderella Castle for 8:05 am on a day that the Magic Kingdom does not have extra Magic hours. The idea of getting in the Magic Kingdom before the parks opens for breakfast or a tour has more Magic to me if it's on day that I would not get in early anyway with early extra magic hours.

    Mickey's Magical Milestones Tour sounds really neat. About what time does that tour take place or does it depend.

    Anyways I will be calling Disney later today about all of this. I wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas. Also even if I can't and/or don't book a tour for this vacation getting ideas can help for other vacations that I will take later in the time of magic such as my 2 week birthday vacation and so on.

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    Re: Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

    it was decades ago when I did the equivalent to keys to the kingdom and it was great. Sure you spend most of a day doing it.. but it's a totally different experience.

    You mention spending time at the Poly.. if it were between hanging out at the Poly pool or lobby and the tour.. the tour wins without a doubt.
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      Re: Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

      I've never been on the Keys to the Kingdom tour but I've never heard something from this tour that didn't amaze me.
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        Re: Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

        What are you looking for in the tour?

        Magic Behind Our Steam Trains will obviously be solely about the trains; are you interested enough to hear about them for a few hours? Family Magic is obviously very family oriented, and is created with children in mind. As someone who is alone, I don't know how entertaining you would find this. Mickey's Magical Milestones will be mostly history-focused. Keys to the Kingdom is the one I would personally recommend as I know most of the Disney basics and wanted something more in-depth. Keys to the Kingdom is also the only one that really goes backstage, if you're into that. However, if you feel this would 'ruin' the magic, you should probably avoid it. The length of it really isn't too bad as it includes a few rides and lunch.
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          Re: Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

          I did the Behind the Steam Trians tour a few years ago................yes its early,0630 we had to be at the gate.....they ran a consist into the station.......and started a lot of Disney train history, especailly how they found the 4 engines in Mexico, how the MK railroad is operated, etc.

          You ran back stage into the round house, which at MK is square with the monorials on top!

          If your into steam trains you will love it



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            Re: Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

            I'm also trying to decide whether to do the Keys to the Kingdom tour. All I know about the tour is that it takes you to the utilidors near the end of the tour, and I believe this is the only backstage area they take you to. I know it costs about $74.55, but includes lunch too. I know that the multi-park Backstage Magic tour also includes a look at the utilidors.

            Slightly off topic, I have only taken one tour (which was at Epcot), and it was the Behind the Seeds tour at the Land Pavilion. It's the lowest priced tour you can take and you get a extended look at the greenhouses of the Land Pavilion. It was pretty good, and I recommend it if you are also going to Epcot for two or more days.

            Tour Description and Prices List (Unofficial info): Disney World Backstage Tours, Disney tours

            Another site with reviews: Tours and Other Experiences -- Descriptions

            UPDATE: I just read the recent reviews and they state you also get to see the parade floats too backstage. My bad. Sorry.
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              Re: Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

              When I did the Keys Tour we had a great time you go into Backstage areas in FrontierLand as well as ride a few rides and learn about them plus the utilidoors I enjoyed this one so much that we are planning on doing it again in December.


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                Re: Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

                I just booked the Keys to the Kingdom tour for my boyfriend and I to attend on our September trip. It is $78 a person BUT I was ale to use my AAA discount on it and it brought it down to $58.64 a person.

                I can't wait as I've heard amazing things about it! I did Disney's Magic Music Days in high school with our Marching Band and I've heard the Keys tour is way better!
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                  Re: Questions about 4 tours in Magic Kingdom

                  I did the keys to the kingdon tour or an earlier version of it in 1999. Its great (back then it was a free giveaway from the Magic Kingdom club along with an ice crean social at the land Grill Room).

                  Tour was great we went to quite a few places you don't get to go like the VIP entrance to teh haunted mansion, the costume stores and the big barn by fronteirland where the parade floats are kept. Highlight was teh utilitors if I remember right we went down in an elevator in Fantasyland cand came back out in Fronteirland - I'd absolutely reccomend this to anyone interested in seeing what happens behind the scenes in disney