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WDW Photos July 2 -8


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  • [Pictures] WDW Photos July 2 -8

    I have debated showing these photos to you. I am sure what I am about to show you is something you proably seen a hundred times on these fourms, someone posting pictures from Walt Disney World. I hope these peak your curiosity. I'll post a some everyday. Hope you enjoy. I really enjoy sharing them.

    These are in no thematic order....

    I see a tree.

    This ride was one of my favorite photography targets.

    A ray of sunshine.

    Someone told me that they like Everst on a cloudy day more then a sunny day...I perfer the sunny day, but my luck isn't that good.

    One of my personal favorites from my trip. I had this idea, as soon as I saw the second story going across the pathway I just had to get a picture.

    I love the lights giving off the golden hue in the france gift shop.

    Speaking of France...I spent a lot of time here, it was where my best friend (that also came on this trip), enjoyed spending his time because he had just gotten back from France.


    More Germany

    And finally more germany....yes!

    So it looks like next time in will be Italy, Japan, Epcot Future World, and some Frontierland. (I am just going stright down, my photobucket album.)

    Hope you enjoy these!

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    Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

    I like your photos!
    They have a certain retro feel to them...
    It makes me want to go to WDW!
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      Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

      So beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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        Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

        It doesn’t matter one bit that similar photo's may have been posted at one time ~ the new ones are always enjoyable and these are really great. Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to more!


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          Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

          Thank you for the comments! Again these are in no thematic order.

          Italy, I was trying to get the entire pavilion in the shot.

          The Koi Ponds in the Japan Pavilion.

          The next two photos (Including that one ^) Were taken from the monorail. I think the came out really good, for shooting through glass, and moving at the same time.

          This one I think is a great sencic shot of EPCOT.

          Spaceship Eath.

          Spaceship Earth Croped.

          Spash Mountain, I over saturated this one.

          Windmill, and a raft.

          Never reallly noticed this before, but if you far enough back from Frontierland, you can see the tiki stuff from adventure land poking through, it kinda ruins the feel of this picture.

          Thanks for looking! Next time is pretty much all Magic Kingdom.


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            Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

            Love your pictures! They increase my desire to visit! Did you have a fun time?


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              Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

              Originally posted by stevo505 View Post
              Love your pictures! They increase my desire to visit! Did you have a fun time?

              I had a great time! It was the first time my family allowed my sister and me to take a friend. So that was different. We stayed in the Beach Club Villas, had a 2 bedroom Villa. I have stayed at the villas before, but for the "friends" it was their first time in one and the really enjoyed the extra space.

              My friend and I did the parks about 3 times over; doing really only the attractions we wanted to do. We did not take our time at all. HAHA. Yeah, it was speed walking to all the attractions we wanted to do, there wasn't one day were we stayed at 1 park the entire time. We had a 6 day vacation and by the 5th day we had done everything we had wanted to do. =) So we ended up playing mini golf at the Fantasia Gardens, which was the best game of mini golf I had played. If you ever go to Walt Disney World, and some how get we did, I highly suggest a very entertaining round of mini golf.

              Some more pics...This will be it for awhile, as I go on a little mini vacation for 4 days.

              The Train...I really like the rustic look of the frontierland station. No trip for me is complete without a grand circle tour of Magic Kingdom.

              The Classic shot, from a different angle.

              Alice with a surprised look on her face, in England.

              The Boat, to Wilderness Lodge.

              I think you know what that is...

              ...sadly did not eat here

              It poured are first day at the Magic Kingdom, whenever we didn't carry our ponchos we got poured on...just my luck.

              Liberty Square

              No idea why I took a picture of this.

              Hope you enjoy these! I think I will have 2 more photo filled posts, after I come back from my mini vacation.



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                Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

                Love your pics! Thanks for sharing!
                Originally posted by Frontier View Post

                Never reallly noticed this before, but if you far enough back from Frontierland, you can see the tiki stuff from adventure land poking through, it kinda ruins the feel of this picture.
                I read that the Tiki Room was actually designed to be seen from frontierland. That's why the animals at the top resemble either Asian water buffalo or Texas longhorn cattle!
                But the pagoda-ish structure still sticks out like a sore thumb...
                Walt Disney World - August 2010!


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                  Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

                  I was trying to figure out why liked your photos so much. I think it is because they are so well composed. You frame them quiet well, and you seem to get them at elevations that are not normal, and I love that.
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                    Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

                    Thanks for the comments, here are some more.

                    Not much to say on these.

                    Standing around waiting for the Fourth of July Fireworks...on the 3rd.

                    Speaking of America.

                    This reminds me of 1 of disney's commercials, can't remember which one exactly.

                    Somewhere in Hollywood Studios.

                    Guess...should be easy.

                    I'll have the last of them tomorrow for you. Enjoy.


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                      Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

                      Beautiful!! What kind of camera do you use? I actually like the oversaturated one of Splash mountain it goes nicely with the theme. They are all great!


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                        Re: WDW Photos July 2 -8

                        You know, Imagineers realized that the Tiki Room was visible from Frontierland, so they put water buffalo ornaments on the top of the building. These gargoyle-type water buffalo ornaments look enough like buffalo or bulls to fit in with the Fronteirland skyline.
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