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We Want a Snuggly Duckling!


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  • [Idea] We Want a Snuggly Duckling!

    ORDDU: With all the new information coming forth all over the place about Disney's next animated film--Tangled a.k.a. Rapunzel--there are mixed reactions about various aspects of the film. But one item that this coven of witches finds most intriguging in a certain little pub that is featured in the motion picture.

    ORWEN: She's talking about a quaint little place built into the side of a large tree that they call the Snuggly Duckling. Just one look at the place makes you want to hang out there for a nice drink while smoozing with your best friends.

    ORDDU: So, we'd like to propose the idea--right here and now--that Disney management forget about Pixie Hollow and build a Snuggly Duckling pub in the midst of the Magic Kingdom's newly expanded Fantasyland. We believe it would be much more inviting and appealing.

    ORWEN: It wouldn't have to be a full fledged restaurant like the one they're planning for Beauty & the Beast. It could just be a place to serve non-alcoholic drinks and chips!

    ORGOCH: Well, now ya just lost me! I was all ready ta give ya my vote 'til ya went 'n said 'non-alcoholic'!! Could a been the first place at the Tragic Kingdom where a cauldron carryin' witch might FIN'LY be able ta whet her thirst with a decent drink, fer a change!

    ORWEN: Like as if you didn't already know they don't allow hard liquor--or witches brew--inside he Magic Kingdom, you tiresome old biddy!

    ORGOCH: Yeah, well they's under new managment now, ain't they? If a couple a loony birds can take the Tiki Room hostage, why cain't Rapurplepunzel take over the kind a drinks we gits at the Kingdom? (I'll just bet ol' Skin Flint Ryder would support me on this!!!)

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    Re: We Want a Snuggly Duckling!

    Witches, this is a grand idea, do you have any suggestions for additions depicting the land of Prydain?


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      Re: We Want a Snuggly Duckling!

      Soon as I saw the Snuggly Duckling in that promo video they released I knew it was destined for a park. I thought Shanghai, but now Princessland has been sent back to the drawing board I can't see why they can't add it.

      "We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." -
      Walt Disney