When I have photopass photos taken with Disney characters my favorite ones are the candid photopass photos of me while I am talking to a character or having a character sign things ect. >

Anyways some photopass people don't always understand what I mean when I tell them that I want candid photopass photos. Some photopass people do understand what I mean but others don't always understand what I mean.

So what I want to do for this trip is write a note explaining what I mean and I will also show them a wallet size photo of a candid photopass photo of Ariel and me. I will post that photo on this thread. This is about the best way that I can think of to explain to the photopass person what I mean.

Anyways my note for the photopass person will say something like this

"Can you please take lots and lots of candid photopass photos while I am talking to the character/characters and everything. I am talking about photos like this candid photo of Ariel and me. I will be so happy if you do this, because these are the kind of character photos that are my favorite. Thank You"

This is the photo that I will show the photopass person.