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I just might be coming to WDW in June


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  • I just might be coming to WDW in June

    IF I can use my miles to get at least one ticket
    IF I can arrange hotel through my time share
    IF I can get a good price on a rental car or find a hotel with a great shuttle service (would rather have the control of a car)

    Then I will be coming down for 5 days- June 3-7 with Rose, to use my AP's one last time before they expire.

    I am not telling Rose anything- if I can get it all arranged then I will simply take her to the airport and surprise her when we get there.

    I am so psyched- so everyone cross their fingers and hope hope this works out for me!!!

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    That's an awesome surprise! I would just absolutely LOVE to be surprised like that!


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      I hope you have a wondeful time!
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        The first weekend in June is particularly colorful at WDW.


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          so I've been informed.


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            *update* (because I KNOW everyone is dying to know the details LOL)

            Looks like I will have enough miles- now I just hope there are no glitches to making those reservations. I am going to try to make the reservations Mid-March (after my miles post to my account).

            I should be staying at the same resprt I stayed at last time. Marriott Grand Vista in Orlando.

            I have however taken one firm step- I have made reservations for the Princess Storybook breakfast in Norway, and I also got seating at Cinderellas on my first try. So, Princess breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the days I am not planning anything fancy. The lady I spoke to offered the Wonderland Tea Party, but Rose did that last time- so this time I went for the Epcot character breakfast instead.

            I'm sure she will have a wonderful time!

            So- now I just have a couple more things to reserve- and I'm good!


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              **update* because I just have to share it-

              I bought my airfare yesterday. The miles worked out to pay for one ticket- and then I bought the other one.

              Trip will be May 19th-24th. Just a couple more things to arrange and I am so THERE!!!

              Rose still knows nothing- but last night there was a WDW commercial on and she cuddled up to me and wistfully said "Oh, I want to go back" and I just smiled inside LOL


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