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How long is too long?


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  • [Chat] How long is too long?

    There seems to be a lot of hub-bub about parades lately. Specifically, who is getting a new one and who isn't. The MSEP thread brought up the ever present argument of nostalgia vs innovation. And as I read the World of Color reviews over on the DL boards, I keep wondering how long it will be before the crowds begin demanding a new version of that show. Soooo.....

    How long is too long for an entertainment offering to be at the parks? Is there a different timeline for parades, fireworks (including fantasmic and illuminations), and performers?

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    Re: How long is too long?

    I think it definitely depends on the entertainment in question. For some reason, evening shows and fireworks have an incredible shelf life compared to parades. Fantasmic and Illuminations are still running after years and years, although they have received some changes (Disneyland Fantasmic at least, not sure about the Studios version.) Then, you factor in that parades at WDW can run slightly longer since a higher percentage of guests are non-local. Plus, if the parade is something classic (or becomes classic) like Electrical Parade, it might stick around for longer than normal because it's so beloved.

    Gah, after all of that reasoning, still not sure if there's really a definable "too long." Too long would probably be just when the guest reaction is apathetic or worst.
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      Re: How long is too long?

      I think personally think that a piece of entertainment in the park can remain as long as it is relevant.

      It used to be that parades were thought as quick ways and cheaper ways to improve the park... something new to market, to drive attendance. But it seems that WDW marketing has no interest in marketing a new parade.

      Just look at all the collateral for Summer Nightastic and if you are not a Disney Parks fanboy/girl you would really have no idea that the MSEP was at WDW, or even what is really different.

      To me it seems that WDW Marketing is trying to sell the entire resort, and can't really be bothered with something as simple as a parade, and because of that I think that TDO sees no value in adding a new one.
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        Re: How long is too long?

        I think if people like something, it's well-received, than it shouldn't stick around for any longer than 15 years, or so. They need to keep moving forward and make even better shows. If they get lazy and let a show play too long, it gets stale. And if shows retire when they're on top, people will remember them as great shows.
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