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Green Light For Monsters Inc. Roller Coaster In 2014


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    Re: Green Light For Monsters Inc. Roller Coaster In 2014

    Originally posted by Herc View Post
    I also feel that some are taking the carney ride situation a little too far. If you're throwing Crush's Coaster and Mullholland Madness (re Goofy's Sky Skool) and the dino coaster at DAK, you might as well throw in Walt's original Dumbo and rockets in Tomorrowland as well as Magic Carpets of Aladdin as they are just spinners.
    There is a substantial difference.

    Dumbo, Astro Orbitor and Magic Carpets are attractions that
    add kinetic energy and are utilized as filler attractions.

    These attractions are not the only ones that can be found in
    their respective "land". Peter Pan's Flight, Pinocchio's Daring Adventure, etc.
    serve as anchor attractions; attractions that add substance in the area.

    Flick's Fun Fair and Toy Story Playland contain nothing but above average
    themed carnival style attractions. Albeit, both cater to different audiences,
    still neither contain an anchor to give their respective areas much purport.

    Originally posted by BANANAZ View Post
    Also, from what I've seen, all of the Pixar rides I've been on seemed very well done and I was impressed.
    Just to re-literate what Dusty has stated, the Pixar attractions such as
    Toy Story Midway Mania and Buzzlight Year Space Ranger Spin/Astro Blasters,
    suffer from non-elaborate sets and limited to non-existing audio animatronics
    and both painstakingly do not make any thematic sense.

    Monsters Inc., Mike and Sulley to the Rescue, Finding Nemo Submarine
    Voyage suffer some of the reasons previously read but one new reason
    is both of these attractions do not offer a new experience nor plotline.

    Now, as I have proclaimed before, not all of Pixar based attractions
    feature problematic flaws.

    Perfect examples are the ones located in Tokyo.

    Monsters Inc., Hide and Go Seek offers elaborate sets,
    full scale audio animatronics, and a new story line.

    Turtle Talk with Crush implies a new impecable back story, a well detailed queue
    and makes a proper thematic connection in the "land" that is resides in.

    However, even these attractions still have their blemishes but these
    have by far been executed on a caliber that not every other Pixar attraction
    can matched, thus far.


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      Re: Green Light For Monsters Inc. Roller Coaster In 2014

      I'm honestly curious at what you mean by "anchor", Rob. I'm not quite sure I understand your thinking on that one...

      And yes, while TSMM and BLAB couldn't be hurt with a little more animatronics, I feel like as a shooter ride, too much would be distracting. I was having trouble paying attention to the targets as it was. Maybe that's just me though. I'm an easily distracted person.