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A Disney MGM Studios celebration - Part Two - Sunset Boulevard and Tower of Terror


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  • [Pictures] A Disney MGM Studios celebration - Part Two - Sunset Boulevard and Tower of Terror

    A Disney MGM Studios celebration - Part Two - Sunset Boulevard and Tower of Terror original artwork

    Hello, here is the part two of this Disney MGM Studios series and we will have a look today on the original artwork for the Sunset Boulevard and Tower of Terror. Part ONE of this article is HERE if you've missed it.

    Let's begin first by a series of renderings for the Sunset Blvd facades, and note that the one above on the top show a building that was never built.

    And, yes, the next one is the Carthay Circle Theater, which was replicated at Disney-Mgm and who will be, too, one of the icon of the new DCA placemaking, hosting the "Walt Disney story".

    Here is another one, showing the Tower of terror in the background, and the Carthay Circle Theater on the right.

    This next one is a beautiful night view, and the Carthay Circle Theater is now on the left!

    And this rendering seems to indicate that a "Disney film festival" was envisioned by the imagineers in the Carthay Circle Theater. Just like on the rendering above, note the red tramway on the right. Never built, we will finally get it in the new DCA placemaking.

    On this next rendering, have a close look the "orange grove" area on the top left, finally never done.

    Let's have a look now to the Tower of terror renderings, beginning by these two early concepts. As you can see , the building had a totally different look.

    Here is another TOT concept art, pretty rare, too.

    The next renderings are others concept, closer to the final version, and a picture of the model.

    This one is really interesting as it shows how the ride was previously envisioned, and as you can see, the Twilight Zone room was supposed to be in the basement and not at the top.

    Let's end with a picture of the model that we all know, but always beautiful.

    All artwork and photos: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc.


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    Pictures: copyright Disney or Disney and more

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    Re: A Disney MGM Studios celebration - Part Two - Sunset Boulevard and Tower of Terro


    I really wish Disney went with some of the earlier design models, as they have a more eerie feel to them.

    Also love the concept of the internal ride program and how the Twilight zone room was in the basement.


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