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Broken Park merchandise


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  • [Question] Broken Park merchandise

    When I was at WDW in June I bought a light up Mickey Ornament. It plugs into the light strand. When I got home I was really excited to try it out so I pulled out some Xmas lights and plugged it in. When I first plugged it in it turned red, white, and blue. I ooohed and aaahed and unplugged it after a minute. The other day when I put up my tree it only lite up red & white. After a bit of it being on the white stopped working. I turned my tree off and left it off for hours and when I turned it back on it wouldn't light at all. I find this extremely disappointing. Of course I have no receipts and I'm pretty sure the packaging is gone too. Is there anything I can do or have any of you had a similar problem? If you're thinking of buying this item I give it a big 0.

    Here is a pic.

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    Re: Broken Park merchandise

    I would contact guest services and let them know about the issue. How did you pay for it? You may have a record of the shop, if not the item on your credit card or room bill. Further if this is an item many guests have complained about , it may be a known issue and replacement a fairly easy process. I have never had to have items replaced after getting home, but I know quite a few who have, with relative success.


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      Re: Broken Park merchandise

      Contact guest serivces first to see what they'll do
      I am traveling now.


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        Re: Broken Park merchandise

        I want to tell you 2 things:

        1. I aggree, contact GS, see if this is a known prob, then do one of the following:
        a. If yes, then tell them you need either a coupon voucher or a new one for free (one that works!).
        b. If no, then tell them to give you a full refund and a diferent ornament.
        2. NEVER tell a girl in puberty about this, they will bawl for no reason...I know from experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
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