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    Hello Everyone,
    I'm interested in your comments about WDW resorts. I usually stay at Port Orleans Riverside or in a Fort wilderness Cabin.
    We are going to WDW in May the 18-22 for SWW. we'd like to stay near to MGM. I can't swing the deluxe in that area, so it looks like CBR is the closest. What do you all think? will there be huge bus lines trying to get home? is it as pleasent a resort as POR? We will not have a car this trip and my man hates to wait in line for buses from the theme parks. Our other choice would be AKL. It's totally out of the way, but will the bus lines from the parks be shorter due to it being a deluxe? :confused:

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    I really like CBR but with one warning. CBR is larger than PO. Like PO all services are in one place and some rooms are much, much farther than others from there. However, when I stayed there were three different bus stops located around the resort. The tropical landscaping is beautiful and later in the evenings (after most of the kids have gone to bed) you can wander around the gardens in tranquility.


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      I'm not a big fan of the Caribbean Beach Resort. It's the only moderate resort that comes across as "cheesy" to me. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we're based in the Caribbean Islands, yet a big lake is in the center. No waves on man-made beaches, and the lake really isn't that big. Also, I find it to be quite plastic in its themeing. There are different areas representing different islands, but walking around you never get a sense that you're really anwhere different.

      That's just my opinion from an aesthetic point of view. Strangely, or perhaps not, I have no problems with Polynesian's beach... but then, that resort is themed to the nines.

      If you're looking for a nicer moderate, consider Coronado Springs. Sure, it's farther away from Disney-MGM, but if you haven't stayed there you might wish to look into it. The themeing is much more varied and feels more immersive to me than Caribbean Beach's. There is a big lake in the center, also with man-made beaches, but the variances in the areas of the resort make for a more immersive experience and sense of place.

      I stayed at Caribbean Beach for a couple of days this past October during low season, so bus lines were not an issue.

      Anyhow, I was there last year for Star Wars Weekends and had a great time. If they do it again, don't miss "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Star Wars Edition". It only ran in the early mornings and it was great fun!


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        We loved the Caribbean Beach. It is defintely much bigger than Port Orleans, but it was a beatiful resort and the staff was great. We had bus problems one night, E-Ride night but it wasn't typical of our stay there. I have found memories of lounging in a hammock on the beach sipping a rum drink while my kids played next to me in the sand and on the play ground.

        Check out the pictures on

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          I've stayed at Contemporary Concierge, Wilderness Lodge, All Star Movies, and Pop Century. All offer nice amenities and are worth the money (especially with my 50% off cast discount! ) I have always LOVED the Yacht Club and plan to stay there some day, like when I have money. I can, however HIGHLY recommend All Star Movies, as an excellent value for the money. The theming is great, the room location (for preferred) is great and you get the same transportation services that the Wilderness Lodge gets for roughly 1/3 the price. Staying on the MK Monorail Ring is awesome, and you can't beat concierge service, the included food or the unbelievable view of the Magic Kingdom from the Tower Concierge Room. Wilderness Lodge is very nice, but a little pricy for not being on the monorail ring, and the quick service food is only marginally better quality than the food court at All Stars/Pop. Pop Century is very inexpensive, but I found the in-room theming a little sub-standard, and the rooms are mostly quite a distance from the food/merch location. Hope this helps.
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            Thanks Everyone! Keep those comments coming!


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