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Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!


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  • Trip Report Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

    Got home on the 5th from my first WDW vacation. Weather was so-so. Started out nice, then went down, then warmed up by the time we left.

    Between my camera and my dad's camera, we took close to 700 pictures.

    Day 1 - November 30th. Left a cold and raining Ohio very early in the morning. Arrived in Orlando to 80 degree temps!!! I was in heaven! After dropping off our carry-on at our All-Star value resort, we headed out to our first park, Hollywood Studios. The wait times really weren't too bad, about 30 minutes tops for most rides (with the excpetion of TSMM - which had over an hour wait and no fastpasses available.)

    My first impression was that it reminded me a bit of CA and so I made my first ride Tower Of Terror!

    Loved the random drop sequences!!!! Made the ride even more enjoyable. But didn't like how the Bellhops weren't in character. It adds to the ride when they are stone faced making their safety spiel. Gives me the willies!
    Next up, since it had a 10 minute wait (which ended up to be a walk-on), was Rockin Rollercoaster. LOVED it!!! I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but once we shot off it was awesome!

    Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE BatB fan, so next on my agenda was to see the show. I knew it wasn't much, but I had to see it.

    Our dinner that night was at 50's Prime Time Cafe. My parents wanted to go back since they loved it when they went 5 years ago. Food was excellent, waiter was cute, and portion sizes were much bigger than I had expected. A friend told me I had to get the smores dessert, so I did. Wasn't disappointed.

    After we walked around and took in the Muppet show, it was time for the Osborne lights to be turned on, so we hurried over and braved the mobs of people waiting for the same thing. Holy cow that was amazing!!!! I've only seen stuff like that on youtube so to see it huge and in front of my eyes was awesome!

    I love Christmas lights, so to walk around and see them dancing and surrounding me was just remarkable.

    After this we hit the Great Movie ride, which was very enjoyable.

    Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road...

    When we got back to our room, Mousekeeping left this for us:

    Coming up: Day 2 - Magic Kingdom!!
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    Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

    So far I love your trip report cann't wait to see more!


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      Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

      nice pics can't wait to see more thanks.


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        Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

        TSMM still has long waits. It was terrible when I was there almost a year and a half ago. My grandson really wasn't pleased with me for talking him into the standby line. The Osbourne Lights are amazing. I saw them in 07, and took a lot of pics. It really has to be seen to be believed.I love the Beauty and the Beast Show. I try and see it each time I am at MGM/DHS. Of course my favorite is always Star Tours, which is being updated I understand. How nice that you got to go to WDW for the holidays. I look forward to seeing your pictures, and hearing all about your trip.


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          Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

          When I was there in September, Toy Story wait times exceeded two hours. An hour almost sounds reasonable in comparison.

          Nice report so far, I'm jealous you got to see WDW decked out for Christmas. I should consider that time for a future visit.
          My Micechat cruise trip report, Part 1:


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            Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

            Originally posted by Joshrzmeup View Post
            That shirt is amazing. Do you happen to know where she got it?


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              Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

              It's me in that picture and I got it at Delia*s. The shirt runs really small for Junior's sizes.
              dELiAs > Beauty and the Beast Tee > clothing > graphic tees > view all graphic tees
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                Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                Our second day was at Magic Kingdom. The weather had turned cold and so it was only mid 50's and with the wind, having 2 long-sleeve shirts and a jacket wasn't enough to keep warm at times.

                For breakfast, since we were staying at All-Star Movies, we walked to the McDonald's nearby and ate there and then caught the bus at All-Star sports.

                They were all set up for the Christmas parade taping to occur later in the week (I think some was Friday and some was Saturday because we were there Saturday for a bit in the morning and then in the evening and Sean Kingston was performing.)

                Our first ride was Space Mountain, and while I really miss the music that DL has, I liked the single-rider cars, they were roomier and more comfy. A big plus for my tall dad.
                On to Buzz, where my dad sadly beat me by 5 points! (and he never let me forget it the rest of the trip... )

                After hitting a few more rides, we decided to go over to Toontown and prepare to wait in a 2 hour line to meet the Princesses. To my shock and amazement, the line was only 30 minutes! A HUGE welcome after 2 1/2 hours in line the last time I went to DL and still not getting a picture with my favorite princess.
                After trying for 2 DL trips unsuccessful, I got to have my picture taken with my favorite Princess, Belle.

                As well as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

                We also browsed Minnie and Mickey's houses to see what they were like.

                This was on Minne's fridge:

                Mickey had some holiday stockings hanging up and it looks like Santa came very early!:

                His kitchen was being redecorated by Donald and Goofy for the fair, but I still like his grocery list:

                I like how Minn'e had a picture of Mickey next to one of her living room chairs, as well as next to her bed:

                One of Minnie's mini trees:

                After lunch at Tony's (which was ok, but not a favorite or someplace i'd go back to), we hit up Liberty Square, browsed the Christmas shop then headed over to the Country Bears. Coming out we were greeting with mass crowds for one of the parades, I think it was both 'Celebrate A Dream Come True' and then 'Move it, shake it, celebrate it' right after. So we were forced to stand there until the parade was over so that we could eventually move to our next destination.

                'Move it, shake it, celebrate it' music got very annoying, very fast.

                I also faced my fear of the non-holiday version of the Haunted Mansion.

                Wasn't as bad as I thought until we got stopped for 5 minutes in the dark.

                Before getting on the carousel, we ran into Mary Poppins, so we had to get a picture:

                Back of the castle from the Carousel:

                So, after awhile, we decided it was time to stake out our spot for the MSEP, which is a favorite of our family and my parents haven't seen it since it was at Disneyland. We also wanted a good spot for the castle lighting.
                But before either of these occured, we had to endure another round of 'Move it, shake it, celebrate it', unknowingly.
                The castle lighting was spectacular!!! It was so breathtaking to see it all covered in 'ice' and sparkle like one of Cinderella's glass slippers. No pictures do it justice. It was so beautiful to look at.

                Finally it was time for the parade!!! It made sitting and freezing for almost 2 hours worth it, despite popcorn and hot chocolate and a family with a ton of kids behind us, constantly kicking my back and pushing us.

                We didn't stay for Wishes this time, but ended up seeing in Saturday night.

                Minnie's house at night, all ready for Christmas:

                Mickey's house:

                When we got back to the hotel, Mousekeeping had this little guy waiting in the window for us:

                I enjoyed Magic Kingdom, but as far as this one park is concerned, I like DL better. Tiki Room was insulting (not only to the original, but just in general), Pirates was much shorter (even if at any given time we went past it, it never had more than a 5 minute wait) and I just didn't get the same feeling of being a child as I walked down main street and saw the castle like I do when I visit DL.

                Next up: Epcot!
                Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban


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                  Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                  Great 2nd day. How nice that you got to see the Electrical Parade. The castle is indeed amazing. I have dozens of pictures of it in all it's different dazzling colors, thanks to the Photopass people.

                  I am glad that you got to see the princesses, especially since Belle is your favorite. I remember how long I waited to see Jiminy.

                  I look forward to seeing more of your great trip photos.


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                    Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                    Such beautiful pictures, Audrey. I'm so happy that your first trip to WDW was better then mine. I also got a towl decoration from my hotel last time I was there. They made me a bunny. I love the pictures of you with the Princesses.
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                      Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                      The next day was Epcot. We started out the day though with breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe. Their Maple Vanilla french toast was to die for!!!! I'll post pictures of the giant gingerbread house later when I post about the other hotel holiday displays we saw.

                      It started out very cold in the morning, even in the sun and the fact that monorail had the air conditioning on didn't help either.

                      The first thing we did was Soarin, fastpasses were already at 5pm, so my dad and I waited an hour in the stand-by line while my mom got us a locker and fastpasses for Test Track. She's not a fan of soarin. At CA, I had to drag her on because it's california, but she doesn't like anything where you can't see the ground underneath you and she vowed never again.
                      The interactive que was quite interesting and fun, but it did hold up the line quite often which became annoying very quick.

                      So after those were done, we decided to head on over to the world showcase.

                      As we entered, we saw Duffy with no line looking sad and lonely, so I went to get my picture with him. He's so cute and cuddly!!

                      I loved going to all of the different countries and the shops within because they all offered something different and unique. It made me feel like I was in that country for a short time.


                      China was beautiful!

                      My dad's idea:

                      No matter what country you were in, the view all around was just fantastic!
                      When we got to Italy, there was a staircase area that reminded me of Taylor Swift's video for 'Love Story' and just looked very period romantic.

                      So we walked around to the different countries, taking in the sights and stories of each one.

                      When we got to America, we decided to stop for lunch. We saw that they had a gingerbread house and were selling some little snacks from it.

                      America's tree:

                      That night, we had reservations at Via Napoli for dinner because I had a big craving for pizza. When all that is cooked at home is low carb meals, there are things you miss.
                      My individual pizza:

                      Very good!!!!!!!!! Didn't finish it because I wanted to save room for dessert because it sounded (and ended up tasting) amazing! With that meal alone I felt as if I had gained 5lbs.

                      After that it was time to head back to the hotel, so I took a few last shots of the park as we were leaving.

                      Before leaving though, we stopped off to get our pictures with Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy with a 10 minute wait. It was good to get pictures with the fab 5 without waiting an hour in line for them individually around the park.

                      On our last day, after hotel-hopping to check out christmas decorations, we caught a boat back to Epcot to get a bus to get back to the hotel in order to have dinner outside the park with some of our relatives who I had never met.

                      So, we decided to go back to France for a few minutes where my Disney dream came true!

                      I was so thrilled.
                      But all in all, I loved Epcot and all that it had to offer. It was such a unique place and I think it was my favorite of the 4 parks.
                      Next: Animal Kingdom.
                      Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban


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                        Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                        Awesome Trip Report


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                          Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                          What a wonderful trip report! I'm so jealous that you got to meet the Beast! I've been looking for him each time I've been, and no such luck It's great to see another huge BatB fan enjoying WDW!


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                            Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                            Our 4th day was Animal Kingdom and some park hopping.
                            It was still quite cold out, but not as much as previous days, which we were thankful for. Really, there wasn't much to do at AK because we didn't bother with Nemo or Lion King musicals or any of the trails.

                            When the park opened, our first stop was the same as everyone else's it seemed. Expedition Everest.

                            The view going up....

                            The end??

                            Can I just say that that ride rocked????? It was fun, fast-paced, it went backward and the end of the tracks was almost a heartstopper. Pure awesomeness. I'm sure if the Yeti works someday it'll be even more awesome.

                            So after we got off, we got a fastpass and then headed over to the Safari.

                            So after this, we went looking for a shirt for my nephew who loves Elephants and we ran into Lilo & Stitch!!
                            Before I got to him, Stitch said he was tired of signing autographs and needed a back rub, so Lilo helped.

                            I <3 Stitch. He was just so in character and such a riot!!

                            So we went to the Tree of Life and took some pics:

                            The carvings were amazing! It just blew me away!

                            We also went on Primevil whirl (BIG didn't look like it spun you too much, until you were actually on it...thus the reason why I hate the teacups, got major dizzy and slightly sick)
                            But I thought Dinosoar since it is the same type of ride as Indiana Jones would be fun. Another Mistake. Freaked me out so much I had to close my eyes.

                            But at least this dino was nice...

                            Animal Kingdom tree:

                            After this we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to do some shopping and hit up a few more rides.
                            We ran into Lady Termaine and her daughters near the Castle and they asked me what the name on my sweatshirt meant, so I told them it means i'm an Irish Dancer and Anastasia then said she was much better at Irish Dancing then me and challenged me to an Irish Dance-off, which I so totally won, even though her family said she did. Just wish someone had gotten pics or video of it

                            We also then went to Downtown Disney for a dinner at Capt'n Jack's, which was ok, but I wouldn't go back.
                            I browsed World Of Disney for a shirt time (it was too packed for my comfort, I could hardly move without knocking into someone or someone knocking me into something, which hurt).
                            I loved looking in Art Of Disney, saw so much I could have bought in there for my room, but alas, it was all over my budget.

                            Next up: hotel-hopping
                            Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban


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                              Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                              You got some great photos of the Tree Of Life. I have never seen some of those animals that you photographed. I guess I was looking at the Tree from a totally different angle.

                              The Step Sisters are hilarious. I had a conversation with one back in '07, who commented about the Ho Ho Ho, that I had on my Christmas Tee Shirt.

                              I don't like the Dinosaur ride at all. I regretted getting talked back on that ride in 06, after riding it in 03. Not my favorite ride at all. Noisy, jerky, and just plain annoying.

                              I look forward to more. I hope there's more...


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                                Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                                On our last day, we decided to do some hotel-hopping to check out some of the recomended Christmas decorations.
                                On the morning we went to Epcot, we ate at the Grand Floridian and got to see their massive gingerbread house.

                                You could smell the gingerbread as soon as you walked in from getting off the monorail and it smelled GOOD!!!!!!

                                Grand Floridian Tree:

                                The entire hotel was beautiful, the grounds, the inside...just wow.

                                We then went to the Boardwalk to see their Christmas display:

                                We walked around the outside and then onto the Yatch and Beach Club. It was a beautiful day for walking around and seeing what all there was.

                                The Beach Club had the most beautiful chocolate carousel!!!!

                                I was blown away at all the detail and the amount of time and work it must have taken to make this. Thing like that amaze me.

                                After that, we took the boat to Epcot and then hitailed it back to the hotel because we were meeting some of my mom's cousins (who she hasn't seen in close to 30 years) who live nearby for dinner.

                                After dinner, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom and were able to catch some of Wishes while trying to get out of the gridlocked main street (mostly when the CM's were trying to make a path for people to get through but people kept stopping to watch the fireworks despite being told not to).
                                We also did a bit of last-minute shopping and pictures. But I swear, that park was more packed than it had been our whole trip and Space Mountain had a 95 minute wait.

                                All in all, the hotel was very nice, the buses were great about coming very often and were never that full.
                                If I were to go back again, I do think it would be at Christmas again because I love all the decorations and how magical everything felt. And seeing the osborne lights and the Castle light up just made it all the more magical and christmas-y feeling.
                                I very much enjoyed my trip to WDW, just didn't like coming home to 20's with teen wind chills after 50's and 80's.
                                Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban


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                                  Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                                  Thanks for the trip report! Glad you had such a good time
                                  Good morning, son
                                  In twenty years from now
                                  Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                                  And I can tell you 'bout today
                                  And how I picked you up and everything changed
                                  It was pain
                                  Sunny days and rain
                                  I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                                    Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                                    Nice Trip report and awesome photos.

                                    sigpicNow the Tower of Sauron has fallen
                                    Also, this picture and my Avatar was taken with a Nintendo DSi System and Nyko Magnification Lens & Case for DSi.


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                                      Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                                      Nice report and great Pics. I love the Beast and have only seen him once at Disneyland.


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                                        Re: Joshrzmeup's first WDW trip!

                                        Thanks for the lovely trip report. I didn't know that the Boardwalk had a Holiday Display. I did see the Beach Club's Chocolate carousel, and the Yacht Club's train when I was at Disney World in 07. I agree about the Gingerbread House in the Grand Floridian. I really had a great time taking pics of that, and the aroma was wonderful.

                                        Have a wonderful Christmas.


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