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Dining Plan Question


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  • [Question] Dining Plan Question

    I've been to Walt Disney World before but when I have, my family and I haven't used the dining plan. So I just have a few questions and if you could answer them that would be great.
    1. What card do you use to pay with?
    2. Can each member in my family (including children) have their own card?
    3. My trip is about 170 days away. Is Cinderella's Royal Table most likely book by now?
    4. Are there some items on menus that are not covered by the dining plan?
    5. (If yes to four) How do I know which items are covered by the dining plan?
    Thank you very much!
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    Re: Dining Plan Question

    1. You use your resort card to pay. It serves as a charge card, room card, and dining plan card.
    2. Each member gets a card.
    3. It wouldn't hurt checking. The further you are away from your vacation, the better the odds of you getting a spot.
    4. There are some, but I believe their just alcoholic beverages, such as wine (except for some packages). The prices don't matter with the Dining plan, At table service you get an Entree, Drink and desert. For quick service you get a combo meal with a snack and drink.
    5. Most if not all items are covered by the dinging plan. The menus will have a certain colored square on them telling you whether it's a snack, table service, or quick service.

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      Re: Dining Plan Question

      What were you leaning towards, Quick Service or table?
      From our first DDP experience this year (quick service), MAN that was a lot of food. 2 meals (combo, drink, dessert) and 2 snacks was kinda tough to totally eat. Especially if you decide to pay for a table service dinner or lunch once or twice, then you have meals to make up for.
      You can get anything on any counter service menu at any counter service place. For example, Sommerfest at Epcot: Bratwurst, apple streudel and drink, (about $13 or so if you pay cash), or 1/2 chicken and ribs combo with sides, drink and cake/other dessert (about $20 or so). It'd be a filling meal for 2 people to share that latter combo, so unless you're a big eater You'll find yourself by mid-week getting sick of all the fast food ( we did, anyway). Whatever you decide, enjoy!


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        Re: Dining Plan Question

        Always always ask for dessert to go if you're not going to eat it. It makes for a good snack later. not saying to have to... just a recommendation.
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