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Is it all a bit of a... myth?


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    Re: Is it all a bit of a... myth?

    On an entirely biased and pro WDW slant, I do get annoyed that it seems like every other article about Disneyland has a dig at WDW, either because of it's maintenance history or simply because DLR has something WDW isn't going to get (like World of Colour). That's not to say it's not entirely undeserved in some cases.

    Personally I think there are much worse maintained parks in the Disney family to concentrate on (ahem, Paris, ahem).


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      Re: Is it all a bit of a... myth?

      Originally posted by Dapper Dan View Post
      It's also fair to assume that since this site (and the Florida parks for that matter) seems to lack the large number of local annual pass holders
      See, now just to make a comment to your comment, I hate when people say that or Disney uses that as an excuse. I can't watch my Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune without those "Florida Resident Deals" commercials, and cannot go on a weekend without crowds of APs or locals...or groups of locals meeting up. The locals are there, and people like Kevin prove that the fanbase is there locally and concerned about the product.

      If anything I would guess that is easy to cover Downtown Disney and both Disneyland parks in one night's stroll if you tried...hence easier to cover everything each week. ...but you couldn't do that in Florida, though Kevin tries (especially since Disneyland can leave their parks open to midnight on Fri & Sat but Magic Kingdom can close at 7PM on Toontowns last night...on a FRIDAY).

      Sorry, only quoting you to reference the comment, nothing against your points...but I am a local and proud of it and there are plenty of us.

      Originally posted by Kidgenie View Post
      ^agreed. AA malfunctions use to close the ride, but not all AA did.
      And there are instances now where 101 figures wont make the ride go 101...even though the manuals still say they should. Those are the errors that get me!

      And lightbulbs...that is my biggest peeve. You're telling me at $500 per night base rate the Grand Floridian cannot afford to have all its popcorn lighting working at once?
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        Re: Is it all a bit of a... myth?

        Originally posted by StevenW View Post
        The biggest problem with WDW is the nasty weather that contributes to the way the park looks.

        It is a humid wreck. Moldy, rainy, foggy, and wet. How can paint dry? How can it look fresh? It smells bad at times. When you combine it with human sweat, it makes for an unpleasant park.
        That's why they do most maintenance during winter... when there's hardly any humidity and the sun is out most of the time (and much cooler temps compared to muggy "Africa hot" summer).

        Originally posted by SummerInFL View Post
        Focus on the product, the money will come.
        Yes! QUALITY, not quantity. Quality sells.

        And like Summer posted earlier, I'm also a "local" and I have less and less desire to visit the Disney parks these days. 10 years ago, I had an AP and went almost every weekend. Eventually I got burned out on it all. I've loved Disney for as long as I can remember (I even still have my first plush Mickey Mouse that was given to me Christmas 1974 when I was only a baby). I don't go looking for what's wrong... things just jump out at me. I notice the little things.

        These days though, I'm enjoying the non-Disney parks more, especially Busch Gardens. I have a 2 year AP there. This is a park that's really underrated and has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. And it's a park that's more than 10 years older than WDW (they celebrated their 50th anniversary 2 years ago). I have no desire to set foot in Disney's Animal Kingdom because while sure it looks like it's a beautiful park, it looks like it pales in comparison in regards to the animal encounters. At Busch Gardens you can literally come face to face with Tigers, lions, hyenas, chimps, gorillas... take a safari and hand-feed giraffes and zebras (for way less than what Disney would charge for such an experience). And you can pet & hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies (where else can you do that besides at the Australian zoo?). And the new cheetah habitat loooks like it's going to be amazingly themed and an amazing experience.

        While I'll always love Disney, I do know they are FAR from perfect and will never be an apologist for them. But they DO get a lot right... enough that other parks take a page here and there from Disney's "playbook".

        Ok I'm rambling and probably getting off-topic, so I'll shut up now.


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          Re: Is it all a bit of a... myth?

          Originally posted by tloolgb View Post
          You're telling me at $500 per night base rate the Grand Floridian cannot afford to have all its popcorn lighting working at once?
          Of course they can. The question is, do they want to? Or has Disney been in a corporate mindset of "as long as it's better than Six Flags it's good enough" for so long that it's part of the very fabric of the company?
          "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
          it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
          together with every variety of recreation and fun,
          designed to appeal to everyone."

          - Walt Disney

          "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
          - Michael Eisner