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Wheelchairs and ECV Rentals: A suggestion to Disney


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  • [Idea] Wheelchairs and ECV Rentals: A suggestion to Disney

    Have more than one place to rent a wheelchair or ECV in the park. Preferably at a central location. Or just as good, remote rental locations, and a CM will come to you with the wheelchair or ECV. If they have this system in place, publicize it to guest and CM alike. No CM I ran into knew of anything like it.

    This is for all the wonderfully proud people who want to do the parks on their own two feet in the morning, but come lunchtime, they're legitimately struggling to make it from one bench to another. For a small group of people, no one wants to split up and have one person trek all the way to the front gate and return. Especially the struggling guest; they feel like they're breaking up the fun.
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