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Fantasmic Dining package? Is it necessary to see F!?


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  • CleveRocks
    Re: Fantasmic Dining package? Is it necessary to see F!?

    There is NO COST for the Fantasmic Dinner Package. You eat the same food off the same menu and pay exactly the same price as if you just had a regular ADR. The only difference is that at the end of the meal the server gives you a reserved seating voucher.

    Is it a must? Absolutely not. Can it be very very very helpful and save you lots of times? The answer to that is SOMETIMES. And there's really no way to know in advance.

    It varies day to day, and can't be predicted by season. There truly is no pattern. I've been to Fantasmic on a slow Monday in early February (when it was sitll "Value" season as far as WDW resort rates go) when people were lining up more than 2 hours before the show, and at 1 hour before the show it was announced it's standing room only (except of course for the reserved FDP section), and I've been there during very crowded Spring Break days when I could get a seat by walking into the regular entrance 30 minutes before showtime.

    So like I said, it's not as simple as saying that it will be easier to get into at slow times of year versus crowded times of year.

    IF you are going to pay for a table-service meal anyway, then there's no risk in booking the FDP. If you don't like the seats and there are others still available, you are free to sit wherever you want ... make your ADR as early as they will allow and that way you can line up with the general public for seats if you really want. But if you want to minimize your wait, saunter into the special entrance no later than 45 minutes before showtime to claim a seat in the reserved section (any later than that and you're no longer guaranteed a seat).

    Personally, I didn't notice a big difference between sitting in the reserved section and sitting in a "better" seat more in the middle. The action is all over the stage, and there are 3 display "screens" so that anyone in any seat has a good view of one of those.

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  • Coastierox
    Re: Fantasmic Dining package? Is it necessary to see F!?

    I did the Fantasmic/Mama Melrose thing once. Dinner was awesome, but as stated above, no different from any other diner there. The seating was far right, prolly would've got a better seat if we just lined up earlier for general seating.
    So eat at Mama Melrose, but skip the Fanasmic package...

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  • lily23
    Re: Fantasmic Dining package? Is it necessary to see F!?

    I did the dining package once and never again. The seats are way too far to the right. I recommend getting there about an hour before the show. Hour and a half on a busy day like christmas. Forty five minutes on a slow day. Getting there early is not so bad. Once you have your seats, you and your party can take turns using the in-stadium restrooms, and you can grab a hotdog and a coke or a beer. They have other snacks too. We like to do our nice sit down meal as lunch, then just get the hot dog for dinner.

    Regarding getting seats, sometimes the cast members will direct you past the middle section saying that it is full. We have found, time and time again, that you can enter where they direct you, maker your way down, then cross back over to the middle section, and voila, there are plenty of seats towards the front. Enjoy!

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  • Micoofy Duck
    Re: Fantasmic Dining package? Is it necessary to see F!?

    I guess it all depends on what time of the year you'll be heading to the parks.

    I have tried the dinner package once before, some years ago. I was not happy to find that the reserved seating section was to the far right of the stadium and not in the middle where I wanted to view the show.

    Think of the seating as a big C. The reserved section is somwhere on the right side. The middle sections are open for the public, first come first serve. Now generally people will start lining up in one gigantic line on the pathway that leads up the hill to the area where Fantasmic is held.

    If you're in the front of the line I'm not sure if you have first dips on where you want to sit or if the cast members make you fill up one section before they start filling up another section.

    I remember once going up to see Fantasmic and being told I had to go sit at the far left side of the seating blocks because the middle and other areas were full. Well that didn't stop me from finding 2 seats in the middle by asking someone on a row if we could squeeze in.

    Of course I had to get past a cast member to head down the middle to find some people willing to let us sit next to them. Most cast members won't let you get past them. My charm got me to get past him.

    So in terms of doing the dining package. It's not a must in my opinion. It's good if you want the experience of saying "I've done the Fantasmic package and this is what I experienced" when you recommend it to others. Otherwise it's just an option. I chose NOT to sit in the "reserved" seating area, I sat in the middle and got a bit wet from the water and wind combo. LOVED IT!

    After my own experience I will opt to not do it again. But my advice is for you to do it if you want to. Enjoy the experience of dining and getting into Fantasmic through your own private entrance bypassing the GIANT line.

    As for the menu for the Brown Derby, I don't believe I was restricted, well just a bit. I had options I remember but not the full menu. Maybe call the dining phone line and ask them directly what your options are in terms of the food for that package.

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  • Brittney
    Re: Fantasmic Dining package? Is it necessary to see F!?

    I have only been to see Fantasmic one time, and with that, we had the Mama Melrose package. I believe it used 2 meal credits per person. The whole thing seemed to go very smoothly. They did have sections blocked off for those that had meal packages.

    The menu for us was the same as if you would eat there any other time.

    I am sorry that I cannot help you out with going without a meal package. However, I do know that it was very easy WITH the meal package.

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  • Fantasmic Dining package? Is it necessary to see F!?

    Im wondering about buying the F! dinner package from Brown Derby.
    1. Does it cost extra?
    2. If so is it a prix fixe menu?
    3. If you dont get it is it really hard to get into F!
    4. How long do you have to camp out for F! if you dont have a VIP ticket?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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