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A toonaspie take on a french-themed Disney Resort


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  • [Idea] A toonaspie take on a french-themed Disney Resort

    Just taking a stab at Armchair Imagineering. You'll need to use your imaginations for this as I don't have any visuals. Sorry.

    Disney's Parisian Resort & Spa

    Modeled after the Ritz hotel in Paris as well as other Parisian structures and the theme is Victorian Era (late 1800s-early1900s) France and is a complement to the Hotel DisneyMiracosta in Tokyo Disneysea. Greenery to complement the area.

    The hotel would be a 5-star similar to Grand Floridian but on a far more greater scale which would make this the most luxurious Disney themed resort.

    The lobby would consist of nice marble flooring and replicas of Parisian sculpture with a Disney touch.

    Rooms would be colorful and have all the modern amenities while complementing the classic Parisian style of the rooms. The presidential suite would be theme the Royal Louis suite and the vice-presidential the Atoinette. Club Napoleon would be the resort's Concierge Club (aint I clever?)

    Among these rooms there would consist of three Disney-themed suites (from Disney films set in France):
    • Cinderella fairy tale suites similar to the suite in the Cinderella Castle
    • Beauty and the Beast garden suites similar to the room in the Beauty and the Beast movie with a bit of a gothic flare
    • Duchess suites themed to the film "The Aristocats" and are the cheapest and the simplest in theming. Many nods to the Jazz Era found in these rooms.

    • The Ratatouille - three guesses which movie this restaurant will be themed after. The main restaurant/buffet for families featuring an array of French, Mediterranean, and American cuisine. Character greetings will occur at this restaurant.
    • a "Victorian & Albert's" type adult restaurant more focused on French cuisine
    • a Jazz Club/bar/lounge for adults
    • a Quick Service of various foods
    • A Boulangerie (aka Quick Service French bakery)

    Plus all the usual amenities: shops, pool (with a country winery themed pool bar), salons, spa, wedding chapel, convention center

    In a perfect world this would've fitted best IMO where the Boardwalk is with parts of the hotel connected to the French pavilion in Epcot (some rooms looking out into the pavilion). That being not possible I have no clue as to where it would go. It would likely be isolated but I would like to see this resort have better access to other parks and/or Downtown Disney than other hotels currently do. I would like to see one side of the hotel having a waterview though.

    Aside from everything I wrote, am I missing something? I apologize if this seems sloppy or disorganized. I'm not great with descriptions (or naming things) but this one I needed to get out of my head. I always wanted to see WDW have their own luxury resort on the level of the Waldorf Astoria hotel that is soon to be built there. This would be a great and unique theme for a WDW resort that still stays very Disney but with detail on the level of the Miracosta.

    I hate DVCs but I could see maybe some French style villas and cottages separate from the actual hotel but right next door for DVC families to take advantage of Parisian amenities.


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    Re: A toonaspie take on a french-themed Disney Resort

    cool idea!


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      Re: A toonaspie take on a french-themed Disney Resort

      Great idea! I would have loved to see Disney do something like this for a luxury resort, instead of selling all that land to the Four Seasons.


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