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Favourite Resorts


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  • [Question] Favourite Resorts

    I have stayed onsite at DisneyWorld twice and stayed at the Polynesian (LOVED IT!) and the Pop Century one night before my Disney Cruise. I just want to know what everyone's favorite resorts are in each class.

    Here are mine:

    Deluxe: Polynesian

    Vacation Club: N/A

    Moderate: Port Orleans Riverside (Even though I haven't stayed there)

    Value: I'll have to see with the new Art of Animation, but so far Pop or All Star Movies.

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    Re: Favourite Resorts

    Deluxe: Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge - great themes and settings

    DVC: Bay Lake Tower - don't like that this was built to begin with but it's the best resort location on property so I guess that makes it a winner

    Moderate: PO Riverside

    Value: All-Stars Music


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      Re: Favourite Resorts

      The only ones I've STAYED at are Port Orleans (both Riverside & French Quarter) and Pop Century. I liked them all, especially Pop Century because I am total pop culture nerd.

      My fave resort though is the Polynesian. It's just beautiful. I like the Wilderness Lodge too. Too bad I can't afford to stay at either of them.


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        Re: Favourite Resorts

        I've stayed at the Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, PO Riverside... I believe that's it. I loved them all. I don't think that I could pick a favorite of the three. I have fond memories at them all, but I've had the most memories at the Grand Floridian. I've never stayed in a value, but it seems like Pop Century would be the one for me over the others. I


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          Re: Favourite Resorts

          D: Wilderness Lodge
          M: Coronado Springs (feels more like a deluxe)
          V: Pop Century
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            Re: Favourite Resorts

            D: BoardWalk
            DVC: Bay Lake Tower
            M: Port Orleans: FQ
            V: All Star Music
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              Re: Favourite Resorts

              Deluxe: Wilderness Lodge (My favorite resort, overall)
              DVC: Bay Lake Tower (our home resort)
              Moderate: Port Orleans French Quarter
              Value: Pop Century
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                Re: Favourite Resorts

                Have only ever stayed at Pop century, but I did really like that resort.


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                  Re: Favourite Resorts

                  I've stayed at many of the resorts, all of the values except the Pop, Caribbean Beach, Saratoga Springs back when it was the Disney Institute, and the Beach Club. While I like the values I couldn't really consider any my favorites. Below are my favorite places I've stayed:

                  Polynesian, Port Orleans French Quarter, and the Wilderness Lodge.


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                    Re: Favourite Resorts

                    Deluxe: Wilderness Lodge

                    Villas: Boardwalk Villas

                    Moderate: Port Orleans Riverside
                    2nd Place: Port Orleans French Quarter

                    Value: All-Star Movies


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                      Re: Favourite Resorts

                      I think in my opinion best disney hotel is the beach club. It has a great location between epcot and mgm, great accommodations, arguably the best hotel pool, walking distance to arguably 5 of the top 10 sit down dining locations in disney with so much more on top of all that just love it.

                      Deluxe: Beach club

                      Moderate: Port Orleans Riverside

                      Value: for sure will be art of animation


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                        Re: Favourite Resorts

                        D:Beach Club
                        DVC: Old Key West(as long as I'm on a upper floor)
                        M: Saratoga Springs
                        V:The only one I stayed at was Allstar Music, even then that was only one night..
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                          Re: Favourite Resorts

                          I have always been a big fan of Port Orleans. It's almost as good as a Deluxe in my opinion. I love the theming.
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                            Re: Favourite Resorts

                            D: (Although I've never stayed there) Wilderness Lodge. It's incredibly beautiful. Such a great place to walk around. While you're there, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the parks.

                            M: Dixie Landings - Now they call it Port Orleans - Riverside. Absolutely classic escape. Wonderful eats, wonderful atmosphere. I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.

                            V: All Star Movies. I've only stayed there once. It was alright since I like movies. Still, it's better than staying off property.

                            No matter where you go, there you are.


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                              Re: Favourite Resorts

                              I'm not going to pick any favorites, because I have had a great time at all of the resorts that I have stayed at.

                              Contemporary - What's not to like being within walking distance, and a monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom. Great atmosphere, great restaurants, and shopping.

                              Polynesian - The atmosphere is wonderful, and you can take either a boat or a monorail to the MK. Love the dining here. My husband loved this resort. This was my first WDW resort, and it was perfect choice for my husband, my grandson (aged 4 at the time), and myself.

                              Grand Floridian. - It was fabulous. I just love the way, I feel whenever I enter the lobby, or walk around the grounds. Great restaurants. My room was very comfy.

                              Beach Club. This hotel was super great, and has a great location. Stormalong Bay is a real treat. The Yacht Club is also right there. Great dining. I loved being 1/2 way between MGM (at the time) and Epcot.

                              Port Orleans Riverside - stayed there twice, and I loved it. There's fishing, a boat to Downtown Disney, and my grandson loved the swimming. Nice Food Court. Bus Service O.K.

                              Coronado Springs - I liked this beautiful resort. Stayed there in the month of December, and the decorations for the holidays were very nice. Room was very comfortable. Bus service O.K.. Didn't check out the swimming here. Liked the Food Court.

                              Caribbean Beach. I loved the corner room that I had. The swimming here was nice. Bus service was O.K. Food Court very nice, and not too far a walk from my room. This resort is very spread out though. A beautiful place overall.

                              Pop Century. Only Value resort I have stayed at, and I would stay there again, for the price, I think it's worth it. Loved the food court, and the bus service was O.K. We had 2 connecting rooms, and that made it very nice for the three people in our party.

                              As you can see I've been at a lot of different WDW resorts, and my goal is to stay at all of them someday. Now I just need to save some money. I'd love to try Wilderness Lodge next, and get my husband to come back to Disney World. He always loved the boat ride, rather than the monorail on days we went to the MK.


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