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July 2 - 4 crowds?

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  • [Question] July 2 - 4 crowds?

    So I was wondering how the crowds are during the 4th of July week. I was thinking of heading over to Epcot on July 3rd and then head over to Hollywood Studios on July 4. I just added July 2nd cause I dont know if I may want to take a stroll down MK for dinner. When I read the calender online it seems like Hollywood studios even though having extra magic hours (which I dont know if I will be taking advantage of) will only show 1 performance of Fantasmic while on almost every other date they have 2! They also dont even have some type of 4th of july show or anything? Does anybody know if maybe the calender is not fully updated? I just dont understand why out of all dates the park hours are not only decreased by 1 to 2 hours but also their is no celebration and only 1 performance of some of WDW's most incredible shows!

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    Re: July 2 - 4 crowds?

    Expect it to be VERY busy.

    MK will have a special 4th of July finale tag to their fireworks show (lots of red, white & blue fireworks) and I'm sure Illuminations will have a special 4th tag at the end as well. Both parks usually show the holiday shows on the 3rd as well as the 4th.


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      Re: July 2 - 4 crowds?

      Make sure you are a 'people person' before committing your free time to visiting during that period.


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        Re: July 2 - 4 crowds?

        MK will show Disney's Celebrate America, A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky on July 3rd and 4th. It's more than just a tag added to Wishes, it is a full 14 minute show. It will have a mirror show shot from Seven Seas Lagoon and 9 perimeter sites.

        Epcot will have a 5 minutes tag added to Reflections of Earth but only on the 4th. The show and tag use around 4000 fireworks on the 4th.

        Studios will also have a 4th of July firework show.

        You need to watch MK's show on the 3rd from either in the park or one of the resorts on Seven Seas Lagoon.
        Epcot can support massive amounts of people so that is the place to go on the 4th to see its show. Depending on the starting time of Studios' show, you will be able to see it from Epcot as well looking towards Morocco.

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        Well, if your parents can't teach you, maybe you can learn from a taser.


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          Re: July 2 - 4 crowds?

          Unless you like....
          Large crowds'
          long wait times, (an hour wait for something as mundane as the Swiss Family Treehouse)
          getting your ankles hit by strollers
          getting ran over by tubbies in rented ECV's (those folks that truley need them know how to maneuver them)
          Extremely hot and humid weather
          lines even for the bathrooms, especially the ladies room

          If you like all of that then go have a wonderful time, otherwise stay home and enjoy a BBQ with the family in comfort of your, or a relatives back yard.


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            Re: July 2 - 4 crowds?

            Only go at night to the parks, skip the daytime.