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Disney Look-A-Like Auditions


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  • [Question] Disney Look-A-Like Auditions

    Okay, okay, I realize there are loads of threads about this, buuuut I thought I would get a more direct answer if I started my own. I've been told by several people, even a random lady at church once, too... super awk... that I hold an uncanny resemblance to Snow White.

    Funny story, that's beside the point: Once upon a time, I was standing in line at the Dallas/Love Field Airport, and this little girl ran up to me, not in the least bit bashful, and expressively exlaimed, "OH, I BERRY much like you!" ...she thought I was Snow White, incognito. I have short, Snow-esque hair, and was wearing red lipstick at the time. Best moment of my life... her mother was mortified.


    I'm 5'2'', (yea, yea, 5'3'' is the cut off. Maybe I'll grow some) almost 18, and could (completely honestly) lose a few pounds before my audition. But that's beside the point, I guess.

    I'm no where near auditioning; I'm moving to South Africa for a year in January, so uh, it's not going to work out for me for at least 2 more years. I'm curious about the audition process, though, the dancing/movement part in particular.

    See, I'm not a dancer.

    I've done musical theatre, and even had leads, but was never not EVER good at learning choreography.

    Is what they teach you even the slightest bit difficult? Even for a...ahem... special dancer like me?
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    Re: Disney Look-A-Like Auditions

    From what I've read (I'm in the same boat, auditions are a while off for me!), the dance isn't that bad. It's been repeatedly described as a "simple, across-the-floor routine" the first round. If there's a second round, it has the same idea, but it gets harder.

    Like I said, I've never auditioned, but I have definitely done my research and even talked to a few auditionees or whatever they're technically called. I definitely suggest looking up videos on YouTube of the dances that princesses do during the parades, castle shows, etc. I've never read this as fact, but I feel like the audition dances would be just a tad tougher than what they perform there.

    Hope that helps! (by the by, South Africa?! THAT'S AWESOME!)


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